HCG can still start again


In order to allow more patients to stop patients to take less detours, let the fetus stop pregnant women out of confusion, get out of confusion, and seek appropriate treatment, Cai Zhuhua’s public account will regularly share panda fetal fetal pregnant women (there is a history of adverse pregnancy, great psychological pressure, glass heart heart heartPregnant women) The condition of successful pregnancy and childbirth passes through and the journey of mind.Welcome everyone to reprint it positively.


Xiao Wu, 27 years old, Ryan, stopped in May 2017. After a few months of rest, I introduced it to the acquaintance of Cai Zhuhua Cai to check the fetal stop factors.

After a series of blood tests, it was found that fetal stops were caused by immunohistatists due to strange uterine arteries.The biggest problem is anti-nuclear antibody 1: 1000 positive, strong anti-SSA antibody, strong positive anti-RO-52 antibody, and anti-SSB weakly positive.

Then the director asked me to eat first, and aspirin first, and immediately came to the hospital after pregnancy. By the way, let me go to the rheumatism and immunology department to ask the doctor.As soon as I show the list to the doctor in the past, he said that this is probably a dry syndrome. This symptom will not be able to get pregnant. In addition, you may stop your fetus after you are pregnant.I went home when I got up.

After learning about this symptom, I often cried in the nest, and my family often comforted me. After persuasion, in November, I went to the Rheumatology and Immune Department of Wenzhou Central Hospital for examination. The doctor also asked me to take a blood test.In the end, I did a tongue test, and the situation was relatively good. The doctor advised me to say that there are many symptoms now, and there are many cases abroad. Everyone gave birth to a baby.After listening to the news, I finally reassured.

Fortunately, I was pregnant again in December.Because my symptoms were already very clear, I did a series of blood drawing examinations. I was immediately arranged for medication. I just started HCG and the family was not assured. I stayed in the ultrasound in the hospital for half a month.After a few days of discharge, I tested HCG at the local hospital. I didn’t expect HCG to fall. I immediately panicked and wanted to go to the hospital for hospitalization. It was just the weekend that I couldn’t contact the director at that time.After the hospital, after the hospitalization procedures, I suddenly contacted the director and asked me to be hospitalized the next day, and let the doctor Kaiyisop hit me down to see if the HCG would rise. After hearing the news, I thought the director was right.My condition is very well understood, and I know what medicine to use. If you stay in the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you must have a series of examinations, so I immediately folded home.

Fortunately, after the needle was hit, HCG began to rise again. My family couldn’t sleep well by me. I didn’t worry about it myself for a day, so I lived in the hospital for half a month before returning home.In the following days, I have been controlling myself, self -regulation, and my pregnancy.I vomited for 5 months, and I was anemia in the middle and late stages. I took medicine and injections until I gave birth. I gave birth to a little princess at 39 weeks +4.

The bitterness of this road, the most lucky thing is to meet the director. When I was the most panicked in my lowest valley, she always gave me comfort and hope, and always paid attention to my situation. Whenever I had a problem, the director was the director, the director, the director, the directorI will always give me a answer, let me let me go down with a hanging heart, thank you director, and the sisters in the group have been supporting each other. Finally, thank the director again. I also hope that the sisters in the group will be pregnant., Be sure to believe the director of the director!

Doctor Cai Zhuhua Comments

Seeing such a cute photo of your baby, tall nose, big eyes, the more you look, the more you like it.

I remember that you are my relatives of my good sister. When I first got pregnant, your test examination was relatively complete, and the tumor necrosis factor was high. At that time, I discussed with you, and we often used medication.

The self -immunity, the body is like preparing for the war. When there are foreign personnel, the blow speed is accurate and fast.

Half of the pregnancy fetus comes from her husband. Under normal pregnancy, the embryo has a disguise function, which is what everyone usually says that the closed antibody eight them camouflage them as their own people.The patients who have the internal army of autoimmune diseases are particularly strong, and they will still be recognized as the enemy to fight.Therefore, people with autoimmune diseases are particularly prone to fetal stops.

Therefore, the purpose of treating such diseases is to calm your army calm down and restore the peace era without always preparing for war.So immunosuppressive drugs are used.Then we have strong blows and ordinary blows for immunosuppressive drugs.So before treatment, I talk to you, and we use the general blow method to a strong blow method.You say that you still use a general blow, it is best to use less.

Using the general blow method, your HCG has risen very well from the beginning, and we are also very happy. You will be discharged from the hospital around 60,000, but you have to find that you must find 100,000 times a week.(Reminder: Whether a pregnant woman who has stopped fetal stop is treated, it is recommended to review the HCG progesterone and estrogen at least twice a week during the second pregnancy. At least the HCG 10 million is found.Disclosure, intervene in time, maybe there will be opportunities for saving. Before 2,000, it increases by more than 10,000 the next day to increase by about 3,000 per day.

As a result, it really stuck at 60,000, stagnating, and quickly collected you into the hospital again.With Yisu, HCG began to rise magically.We couldn’t imagine it before, HCG stopped, and could still start again.Just like when I shared on the headline, some netizens commented that your experience must be cheated.So do you know the meaning of the baby -seeking experience shared by Mother Panda.Let more people get out of doubt and confusion and understand the fetal stop of immune causes.Finally, I hope more panda mother will share experience.

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