Hei Yueguang took care of her heart: The step -sister became pregnant, saying that the child was her fiance, and jumped off the building to threaten her withdrawal

Title: "Black Moon Light to take care of the heart"

Author: Yan Qingyu Queen

Story element: [Modern Romance+Metropolitan Romance+Domineering President+Together with Sweet+Male Strong and Woman+Contract Marriage+First Marriage and Love+Different Reunion+HE]

Author’s statement: Dear friends, the book "Black Moon Light takes care of the heart" is a series of "Waiting for the Winding Night" and "Lucong Tonight White", and it is also the third book of the "Winter Warm Sun" series.It mainly tells the story of Shen Yu and Su Waul. If you want to know more, you can first take a look at the two books of "Waiting for the Winding Night" and "Lu Cong Tonight White", in my headline’s homepageYou can watch it. "When the cold night is getting warmer" and "Lu Cong Tonight White" have ended, all the two books are free.Friends who like this series of novels, click my avatar to enter my homepage for reading.This book is my original work, please do not reprint, you must investigate the law![Today’s headline exclusive start] [Hot serialization]

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The novel "Black Moonlight Photo on the Heart" Author: Yan Qingyu Queen

Chapter 43 The child cannot be his


As soon as Su Qingcheng came out, the air surrounding the air was quietly silent. Liu Yao did not dare to come out, but he glanced at their president secretly.

When Shen Yu saw Su Qingcheng saying this, he knew that she was emotionally unstable now, so he didn’t rush to refute, but said to her lightly: "You go back first to raise the disease."

"No, I don’t want to stay in the hospital. I want to be with you, Brother Yu, have you watched the news? Now the media is reporting to how well you are with your sister, do you know what they say now? They all pointed at me and scolded me as a shameless primary three, saying that I was inserted from you and my sister. Now I have no face to see people, but Brother Yu, you have promised me before, what you said, what you said, you said.The person you want to marry is me. How long has this passed, did you forget it? "Su Qingcheng grabbed Shen Yu’s arm and cried with pear blossoms with rain.

She finally climbed into Shen Yu and said that she would not give up easily. She was still wanting to dismantle Shen Yu and Su Waer. She knew that Shen Yu had liked Su Waul, and the Shen family wasThis is so favorable to Su Waer, so she wants to marry the Shen family to have a great chance of winning. Before, she was still able to live with Shen Yu’s life -saving benefactor. Now, it is obvious that Shen Yu has begun to doubt her, and he still wants to still want to.To investigate the matter of the year, this can make her mess. If Shen Yu knows, she would definitely not let her go from the beginning.

Fortunately, at this time, the hospital checked that she was pregnant, so there was a chip to deal with Suwaer in her hand. Of course, she would make good use of the child in the belly. Even if Shen Yu’s love was not her, she did notI believe he didn’t have a little guilt in her heart. As long as she had this trace, she would grasp it. Now, he is the best proof in the hospital to see her.

After Shen Yu heard Su Qingcheng’s crying geological question, he was a little impatient, but he thought that her yesterday’s encounter was because of him.The hand of the corner of my clothes took a few steps back without trace, took two or three steps to her, and then said lightly: "I wanted to marry you in the past, because you lie to me and say that you saved it that year you saved it.I."

"No, no, I didn’t lie to you, Su Wulou lied to you, Brother Yu, don’t listen to her." Su Qingcheng said exhaustedly for himself.In her hands, now on this festival, she can be killed.

"Enough!" Shen Yu’s face was gloomy immediately. I don’t know why. He now doesn’t want to hear Su Qingcheng’s bad words to say Su Waer. Probably he had identified Su Waer from his heart that the girl was the girl.Intersection

"Who saved me in the end, I have a lot of things in my heart, I don’t want to take care of the past, and I have seen my heart clearly, you can raise your disease, don’t think about it anymore." Shen Yu said, gave it to the sideLiu Yao watched and motioned for him to arrange someone to bring Su Qingcheng back to the ward.

Seeing this, where would Su Qingcheng follow Liu Yao and they went back obediently?She wanted to continue to threaten Shen Yu with the trick of jumping from the building, but the moment she looked up, she inadvertently glanced at the figure who had just walked to the entrance of the Tiantai Tower, so she followed Liu Yao and others to take two steps forward obediently forward.When she was beside Shen Yu, she looked at Shen Yu with tears, with a trace of crying, and said to him, "Brother Yu, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want me, but the children in my stomach are innocent.Don’t you want it, right? "

After speaking, Yu Guang at the corner of her eyes looked at the figure of the stairs in the mouth of the stairs, and saw her face suddenly pale, so she lowered her head and pulled a trace of smile at the corner of her mouth.I thought I would win me after last night?You dream!

The novel "Black Moonlight Photo on the Heart" Author: Yan Qingyu Queen


Suwaer stood on the stairs of the rooftop. She suspected that she had heard it wrong, "child"?What kind of child?Is Su Qingcheng pregnant?So this child is … Shen Yu?When Dean Zhou received the call, he tone of Ai Ai, and there were actually this kind of affairs.

She stood quietly in place, and the wind in the stairs was a little big, and she scratched it. She felt that the blood and breath of her whole body were frozen, so cold!Well, it’s really cold …

At this moment, she never lowered her head and wanted to escape from the desert. She wanted to leave here, but her fate was not let go of her. She had to let her meet the bloody reality in person.

"Dr. Su, you’re here!" A little nurse found Suwaer standing at the entrance of the stairs, and everyone’s gaze looked in the direction of Suwaer.

Su Wanr pulled his mouth and sneered, and it seemed that he couldn’t get away.

So, she stabbed her head and walked step by step to the middle of the crowd.

Shen Yu also looked at Su Wulu’s eyes, why did she come?He just wanted to walk over, but saw her look at him with a glance, her eyes were light, like her previous attitude, calm and light, it seemed to not look at everything, he frowned slightly, so,,,,,,,,, he frowned slightly, so,,,,, he frowned slightly.Is this what Su Qingcheng said?

Shen Yu’s heart was a little unhappy. He wanted to ask her with his eyes, but saw that Su Wuls had moved his eyes away. He saw that she came over and stood in front of him and Su Qingcheng.He is a city with Su Qingcheng and does not speak.

"Why are you here?" Shen Yu couldn’t bear her temperament, especially when she saw her frozen lips, he couldn’t help taking off his trench coat and wrapped it on her.

The remaining temperature left on her clothes made her feel a hint of warmth, and she felt that she was completely wrapped by his breath.

Shen Yu’s sudden move made Su Waner a little stunned. She looked down at the trench coat hanging on herself, and then said lightly: "I heard that there was an accident in the hospital, I came to see it."

"What are you looking at? Look at my jokes? Su Waur, what is the point where do you have to do?" Su Qingcheng saw that Shen Yu was so protecting Su Waul, and he instantly burned a jealous flame in his heart.

"I hurt you? You also match it?" Su Wan said dismissive, "Since you can still jump off the building, it seems that this body should be almost as good as possible, so don’t waste the resources, let’s get directly to the hospital, the bed in the hospital’s beds, the bed in the hospitalI was nervous and should be left for those in need. "

"Who said I was going to be discharged, I was pregnant with Brother Yu in my stomach. The doctor said that the fetal heart was unstable, and I had to be hospitalized for a while." Su Qingcheng went on, "So sister, you still can’t take his divorce untilCheng Quan and my brother Yu? "

"The child in your stomach cannot be mine." Do not wait for what Su Wul said, Shen Yu directly denied that the woman he had touched in these years was only Suwaer. Therefore, Su Qingcheng’s bellyThe child cannot be his.

"Brother Yu, how can you say that? Did you forget the night when we just recognized …" Su Qingcheng deliberately stopped talking, she knew that the exquisite lies happened to be between the same and incomparable,If they can cause their guess, the effect she wants will be achieved.

Shen Yu frowned, recalled that he had just returned from the army. Su Qingcheng came to the door and said that she saved him three years ago and kept thinking about him.Drustering, he thought she was a liar at the time and didn’t take it to heart. Later, she took out the label on his military uniform three years ago, and he asked Liu Yao to investigate.

Later, he didn’t know how much wine he was poured by Mu Yunshen. When he woke up the next day, he found that he was in a hotel. He asked the front desk and asked him.In the room, Mu Yunshen was opened for him. There was Mu Yunshen, and he was still at ease.

It is said that drunkenness wakes up three points. What he has done will be a little impressed, so even if Su Qingcheng sent him back to the hotel, he would never touch her.It’s his, but who is the child in Su Qingcheng’s belly?Why did she bite him?There is also the phone call that was given to Suwaer …

The more Shen Yu thought, the more he felt that things were not simple. When he thought of some possibility, his clear peach blossom eyes became colder, but he couldn’t fight the snake, so he said to Liu Yao a little impatiently: "AlsoWhat do you do? "

Liu Yao would like to go to Su Qingcheng: "Miss Su, please!"

Su Qingcheng glanced at Suwaer again. Seeing that she was straightforward although her back was straight, but her face was so pale that she had no blood. She knew that her purpose had been achieved, so she accepted it when she saw it.One sentence: "Sister, get rid of the divorce, let’s consider it again!"

[Beauty to be continued] [Today’s headline exclusive starting]

The novel "Black Moonlight Photo on the Heart" Author: Yan Qingyu Queen

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