Help you survive the milk rise period and breastfeed smoothly

Let’s talk about my personal experience first.

At the first child, I read a lot of books. One said that it was necessary to clear the breasts by yourself in the late pregnancy.That is, you can rub your breasts with hot towels every night in the second trimester, which is better in the direction of the breast.In the last month, I had a yellow liquid automatic flowing out.When giving birth to baby, you need to continue massage and dredging, just one night, and the milk is particularly many.When the second child was in the back, I thought that there was a lot of milk in the first child, and I felt that there would be a lot of naturally. I did not massage the breast during pregnancy. As a result, the milk was much more painful than the first time.I feel that the breast dredging is not in place.The above is my personal experience.Therefore, my mother I also want to express my own personal views:

1. Prepare for pregnancy and go smoothly.

First of all, if you want to increase milk smoothly and less pain, you have to massage your breasts from the end of pregnancy and dredge the breast in advance.

Secondly, if you can, you can make an appointment with a prolactin in advance, and you can do a good job of lactation in time after production.

2. After starting the milk, insist on sucking the baby.

Sucking nipples can promote the secretion of prolactin in the mothers’ brain, increase the secretion of milk, and continue to produce milk array and milk.Especially after a cesarean section, Baoma, the wound was painful, and could not get up. All the family needed to hold the baby to help the mother feed.(For the outside world, there are many mothers or grandma at the beginning when they are afraid that the baby will not be full, so give the baby another milk powder. This consequences may be that the milk is insufficient.It is really very powerful, that is, the legendary "strength of milk", which can not only promote the mother’s secretion of milk, but also exercise the baby’s sucking ability. The milk powder for eating the bottle does not require much energy.I do n’t want to work hard to suck the mother ’s milk.) In short, the number of mothers still need the result of the mother’s insistence on the baby.

3. Supplement nutrition scientifically and learn more.

Milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, all kinds of ingredients must be eaten.There are many recipes on the Internet, which can be learned from reference.Such as catfish soup, soybean trotters soup, daylily, etc.(Outside of the question, my confinement has always been taken care of by her mother -in -law, and she is also very dedicated. But sometimes I will wonder if her old experience is right. For example, their old people say that they can not eat pork liver during breastfeeding.Back milk. But I said on the Internet that I can eat it.For us, there may be some wrong concepts. We should not argue with them, learn more, fight for harmonious communication, or do it in the later period.)

4. Keep in a happy mood, Bao Dad is blame.

The bad mood during lactation or stagnation can cause decreased milk secretion.I feel that I want to say a lot again.Bao Ma’s mood is not a matter of one person, but a matter of the whole family. I think so.Therefore, the whole family should make more efforts for the children.

First of all, Baoma has to be prepared to welcome the baby from the beginning of pregnancy, so that after the baby is born, he will not feel unable to start, and he will feel weak.Once you encounter annoyance or depression, learn to find a way to solve the way or vent your mouth.(For example, talk to good friends, complain to your husband, or do your own hobbies, or read more books, sing and sing, etc.)

Secondly, Bao’s father must deeply understand that it is not easy for Bao Ma to produce, and tolerate all the temper of Baoma in principle.(Bao Ma began to bear all the pain and happiness brought by the baby from pregnancy. Regular delivery, paying attention to the baby’s health in the stomach, the pain of the birth or cesarean section, the pain of milk, the "isolated from the world to the world during the confinement period," isolated from the world to the world."The worse thing is that when the baby is sick, he is busy, and he does not take care of your baby’s blame, etc.)

In the end, many conflicts of mother -in -law and daughter -in -law were caused by confinement, showing its lethality.And Bao Dad is the most important role. Coordinating the contradiction between the mother and wife is also the responsibility of each man. It is unavoidable and responsible.

In short, as a person who comes here, I sincerely hope that every Baoma can produce smoothly, smooth breastfeeding, sufficient milk, and happy family.The above are some personal opinions about smooth milk and dredging the breasts.For the first time, I hope the content will be helpful to you. Remember to like it.

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