Hidden dangers after giving birth!The pain that women who have giving birth to a baby, the most terrible thing is back pain

When we were recruiting the feeling of giving birth to a baby before, there was a mother said:

"The pain before childbirth is like 10086 times the aunt hurts, and there is a truck that crushes repeatedly from the back waist.

I was able to liberate it after giving birth, and I found that my back pain stuck to me like plaster. When I picked up a 20 -pound child, I really couldn’t help it."

We investigated in the office and found that back pain was definitely the trouble of the top three of my mother. It was uncomfortable to stay in the pain, it hurts to sleep, it hurts to sit, and it hurts to hold the baby.

Many inconveniences seriously affect life, which is too painful, so today’s topic is why pregnant and giving birth to baby are easy to get back pain, and how to relieve it.


Bad back pain may be because …

1. Increased weight

50%-80%of pregnancy women will suffer back pain and back pain-most of them are due to the increase in weight.

Women’s weight increased by 10-15 kg during pregnancy, but more than half of women’s weight gain is far more than that.

Most of the increased weight gathers in the abdomen, which will make the center of gravity have to tilt forward.In order to balance their bodies, many women have many back problems due to excessive use of their waist.

2. Pathotinic role

Another culprit that causes back pain is progesterone, a hormone that can relax the whole body ligament.

With the increase of pregnancy time, this hormonal helps pelvic bones to extend enough space for the baby.

However, the effect of progesterone is far limited to pelvic bones.The ligament on the spine is also relaxed, which makes the back muscles need to be under more pressure.

3. Symptoms of premature birth

Sometimes, back pain is also a sign of premature birth.

When you feel painful at the bottom of the back, feel the pelvic falling down, or the daily leucorrhea secretion is thickened, please contact the doctor immediately for help.


Why does it last after giving birth to back pain

Except for the increase in weight gain and the effect of progesterone during pregnancy, it has not disappeared in the past few months.In addition, these reasons will increase the symptoms of low back pain!

1. Standing for a long time, long -term sitting too hard

Many novice mothers will have anxiety when bringing a baby. In particular, they are fortunate to encounter high -demand babies. They often need to be feeding, walking around, or sitting for a long time. They are too tired and lack of exercise.Back pain will be more serious.

2. Feeding and having a baby’s posture is wrong

The newborn baby needs to breastfeed a long time every day. When it is incorrect to pick up the baby, it will damage the lumbar muscles; keep a posture for a long time. If it is not, it will cause serious damage.

3. Incorrect posture at work

In addition, some mothers who have returned to the workplace have a lot to do with the incorrect office posture. The sitting position is leaning forward for a long time, and the front pain is back pain.

4. Gynecological disease

Some gynecological diseases can also cause back pain. Moms must do regular gynecological examinations. At least 1 year frequency, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, etc., are culprits of back pain. Early treatment should be found early.


Do so, relieve back pain

Mom in pregnancy

1. Control the weight during pregnancy

If you find the reason, you must start to prevent it from pregnancy. Do not eat too much during pregnancy to prevent too much weight gain and burden and damage the lumbar muscle and pelvic cavity.

2. Sleep on the side

In the late pregnancy, you should try to sleep at the left side as much as possible to slow down the pressure of the uterine vein of the cavity. A vein that maintains blood circulation on the right side of the abdomen.

In order to keep the spine supporting the body correctly, a pillow cushion under the belly and 1-2 cushions under the knee support the body weight.

3. Mild exercise

Moms during pregnancy should not lie down all the time, but also pay attention to the amount of exercise. Among them, yoga and swimming during pregnancy are a good way of exercise, but they should be performed after the doctor’s consent after the pregnancy test.

Breastfeeding mother

1. The correct breastfeeding posture

First of all, pay attention to rest, not overwork.When feeding, the following posture is correct, and during the period, try to keep the back of the back straight.

2. The correct pose of the baby

The baby grows rapidly and the weight increases very quickly. At this time, holding the baby every time, it is equivalent to picking up heavy objects. If the posture is wrong, it is easy to hurt.

Whether you are holding a baby or picking up a lower position, you must squat down first, lower your center of gravity, then straighten your back, pick up with your arms, and stand up with your leg strength.

When walking or taking heavy objects, you should also pay attention to straightening your back. Do not bend over. When you can’t hold it, seek help or stop to rest.

3. The posture of changing diapers

When changing diapers for your baby, if TA is on the bed, you need to bend over, so that the waist is very bad. If possible, place it at the diaper table on the mother’s chest at home, or use a table to transform one.

4. Appropriate exercise postpartum exercise

Generally, two months after giving birth, you can start the core of core forces. Strengthening the waist and abdomen muscles is an effective way to relieve back pain.

Bridge movement

Lie your legs with your legs, push your feet, and lift your hips up with the strength of your waist and abdomen.

Feiyan movement

Sloping, put your arms back on both sides of your body, and then raise your arms and legs at the same time. Pay attention to the back of the back and try to shake the neck as much as possible.

Flat support

The elbows and shoulders are equally wide, support the body, pay attention to the hips and body straight lines, do not collapse the waist and buttocks, and keep it as long as possible.

Workplace mother

Moms in the workplace are easier to sit for a long time and do not have time to exercise. In fact, whether it is a mother or not, the low back pain of the workplace is also incompetent.Be sure to pay attention to prevention from usual.

1. The correct sitting position

When using a computer, the chair should not be too short, and the arm can naturally bending 90 degrees naturally, and naturally falls.

The computer should not be too low. You need to bow your head to see the screen is not good for the cervical spine. You can raise the bottom of the computer and support the cushion to support the back.

Sitting for half an hour should get up and walk around, stretch your body. If you really need to sit for a long time, you should also keep your upper body and legs 90 degrees, and support on the back of the waist.

Do not lean against the back of the chair, nor do you lean forward on the sofa.

2. The best way to relieve stress is exercise

If you are chronic back pain caused by poor long -term posture (usually more than 3 months, intermittent seizures), the method of relief must not be lying down or exercise.

These yoga movements are very mild. It takes 10 minutes a day. To persist, it can relieve waist pressure and comfortable.


When you suck deeply, your head is upward, and the abdomen sinks as much as possible; when he exhales, the back bulges, and bows down.The action should be slow.

Lower dog

Starting with the kneeling position, the feet and shoulders are supporting the body backward, the hips are upward, the legs are straight, and the heel is asleep as much as possible.Stay for a while.


At the beginning of the knees, the hips were sitting on the heel, the arms and shoulders were width, and the hands were attached to the thigh with both hands forward.

Are these methods get?Back pain caused by fatigue fatigue can be relieved by adjusting the posture and exercise.

If it is a sudden pain and severe pain, you must go to the hospital first!

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