High school daughter gave birth to a child in the dormitory, the child’s father was fascinated, and the truth scared me out of cold sweat

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I am a list of mother, a sixteen -year -old daughter called Xiaoyu.Xiaoyu is my only sustenance and hope. For her education, I gave her a noble high school at all, hoping that she would have a good future.

Xiaoyu performed well in high school, ranked among the best, and was also loved by teachers and classmates.She called me every week and told me that she was at school at school, which made me feel relieved and at ease.

Until one day, I received a call from the school, saying that Xiaoyu suddenly fainted and was taken to the hospital.I rushed to the hospital in panic, but was told a news that made me incredible: Xiaoyu was pregnant and was about to produce.

I can’t believe my ears. How can this be possible?Xiaoyu is only sixteen years old, how can she have children?Who did she have a relationship with?Why don’t she tell me?Did she be raped?My series of questions rolled in my mind, but there was no answer.

I hurried to Xiaoyu’s ward and wanted to ask clearly.But when I saw her lying on the bed, her face was pale, my body was weak, and my eyes were blank, my heart was broken.She saw me in and wanted to speak, but was interrupted by a severe pain.

The doctor told me that Xiaoyu had entered the output process and needed to perform caesarean section immediately.They asked me if I agreed and asked me to sign an operational consent.I didn’t think much about it, just thought of saving my daughter and grandson (or granddaughter), and signed it.

The operation soon began, and I was anxiously waiting outside.After more than an hour, the doctor finally came out.He told me that the operation was very successful, and Xiao Yu and children were safe.He also said that the child is a boy, very healthy and cute.

I was relieved and thanked God of God for blessing.I can’t wait to see my daughter and grandson.The doctor took me into the delivery room, where I saw a scene that shocked me.

Xiaoyu was holding a baby in breastfeeding, and a boy was standing next to her.The boy was very handsome and wearing a high school uniform.When he saw me coming in, he bowed to me and said, "Hello, aunt. I am Xiao Yu’s boyfriend, and the child’s father."

My head suddenly buzzed, feeling rotating.Who is this boy?How could he be Xiao Yu’s boyfriend?When did they start to deal with?How could they have this child?Why didn’t they tell me?

At this time, Xiaoyu looked up and looked at me.Her eyes were full of guilt and begging, she said, "Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you. I know you will be angry, disappointed, and worry. But I really love him, he also loves me.Not a momentary impulse, we really want this child. Please forgive us, accept us, and accept this child. "

After listening to her, I felt a fierce contradiction and struggle in my heart.I love my daughter, and I love my grandson, but I can’t accept this fact.I think they are too young, too sensible, and too irresponsible.How can they ruin their future?How can they bring me such a blow?

I want to say something, but I can’t say it.I could only look at them weakly, and tears kept flowing.I don’t know what to do and how to face it all.

At this time, the doctor came in again.He took a report list and said, "Auntie, we just made a parent -child identification, and the result came out. You may not believe it, but this is a fact. The child’s father is not this boy, but your husband."

After listening to this, I felt that the whole person collapsed.I can’t believe my ears, how can this be possible?My husband has been dead for ten years. How could he be the child’s father?Does he have any secrets?What else does he have?

I watched the report in the doctor’s hand, which reads: Parent -child identification results: Xiaoyu has a relationship with the baby and the baby; the boy and the baby are a brotherhood; Xiao Yu has a brother and sister who is a mother and sister for the same father.

My mind is blank, I can’t understand it all.I feel like I’m going crazy.

The truth scared me out of cold sweat.

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