Higm and feet are numb, do not care, old Chinese medicine to condition qi and blood, remove stasis and fire, and return your hands and feet freely

Medicine is benevolent, and you must be benevolent. Hello everyone. I am the chief Chinese medicine doctor Lao Lu. Today, I will discuss what to do with insomnia and dreaming. I look forward to everyone likes, comments, and reposts. If you have any questions, you can send me in private.I will answer in detail

Today, let’s talk about the situation of numbness. This problem is particularly common for middle -aged and elderly people, but many people do not care too much about this symptom.It continues, many people, when it comes to healing, it is very serious.There are many reasons for numbness in hands and feet. In this episode, I use actual cases to analyze the symptoms and solutions of the numbness of hands and feet in detail.

Last month, a female patient who came to see the clinic was 52 years old. There were some obesity in the body. After I came, I asked me that Director Lu was often numb recently.A little scared in my heart, so come to me to see it. I said, don’t be afraid, I ask you a few questions first. I said whether you have any diseases, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia or something.It has been ten years since my own diabetes, but blood pressure is still normal. I said that there are any uncomfortable symptoms in life. She thought about it and said to me. Sometimes I feel thirsty, and my eyes often love to dry dry.It requires frequent dripping eye drops to relieve.The appetite is not so good.

I asked her to extend my hand out for a while, and the pulse phase indicated that it was thinner and weak. After looking at his tongue coating, the tongue was thin and thin. I looked at the patient’s face again.The color of the lips is relatively light, and it is insufficient to look at the essence of qi. Then I asked the patient’s current numbness. She said that she often feels numbness in the hands and feet.Sometimes you can wake up when you sleep at night. After getting up in the morning, you need to get up for a while to get up. Only after the activity

After a series of demonstrations and analysis, I said to her, you are mainly caused by insufficient qi and blood, lack of qi and blood, and moisture in the body, which belongs to the pathological manifestations of yin deficiency and heat, and has symptoms of wet stasis.

After conditioning qi and blood, about two months, the numbness of hands and feet numbness has been greatly improved, and it will not be numb at night.Obviously different.

His hands and feet are numbness due to insufficient blood supply caused by the peripheral blood circulation. It is a symptom that people often occur in life, such as pregnancy, incorrect sleeping position, and if the toilet squats for a long time, it can cause it can cause it can cause it to cause it can cause it to cause it can cause it to cause it can cause it to cause it can cause it to cause it can cause it can cause it can cause it can cause it to cause it can cause it to cause it can cause it to cause it.Generally, it will be eliminated in a short period of time, and there will be no major problems. However, if the hands and feet are numb for more than a day, you must be careful. It may be a signal of a disease in the body.

And most patients with numbness in hands and feet are accompanied by hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hypertension.Especially when we have bloody and bloody deficiency, this situation is more likely to happen when qi deficiency.

Then friends who are often numb in their hands and feet also need self -maintenance in their daily life. Pay attention to rest on time, and eat healthy diet to avoid obesity.To prevent the three highs, maintain a good mood at the same time, add more exercise to increase physical fitness. Remember that if you find that you are numb for too long, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Then we will be here today. If you have any questions, you can directly trust me. I am a Chinese medicine Lao Lu. We will see it next time.

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