Himiology of medicine and food: ginger

On May 1st, he came to a certain yukou in the depths of Qinling with relatives and friends.At 30 degrees of high temperature at noon, the sun is shining, the stones on the riverside are hot, but the green trees on both sides are shaded. It is accompanied by the water stream and the gentle spring breeze to spend a pleasant afternoon.

After returning, I always felt that my head was suffering, and it was faintly uncomfortable.After thinking about it, no obvious reason was found.Massage Fengchi Fengfu, knocking on Fengshi Point, about ten minutes, the feeling disappeared.

After taking a shower at night, I suddenly remembered to see the ingredients of the shampoo.

Recently, I bought a bottle of a brand of dragon blood trees, amino acid shampoo.I have been using it in the past two weeks. One of the ingredients in the inside is ginger … Well, it is really invincible.Only then did the shampoo containing ginger abandoned and stepped on the thunder again.

Ginger is a common condiment. In recent years, the status has increased. You can see the promotion soft text of ginger products and ginger everywhere.

It is also one of the fake and inheritance of modern people.

There have been many proverbs about ginger on the people, and there are really many proverbs.

For example, "Eat three slices of ginger early, survive ginseng soup", "eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not work doctors to prescribe medicine" …

But there are some circulating warnings that cannot be seen without seeing it.

"Eating ginger in the morning is better than eating ginseng soup; eating ginger at night is equivalent to eating cream."

"Within one year, do not eat ginger in autumn; within a day, do not eat ginger at night."


The fresh root of the ginger plants.

[Sexual taste] Xin, slightly warm.Enter the lungs, spleen, and stomach meridians.

[Efficacy] Sweat and relieve vomiting, detoxify, detoxify.

"Compendium of Materia Medica": "Jiang Xin instead of eloquent, go to evil to dispel evil, cooked cooked food, vinegar, sauce, bad, salt, honey fried, all suitable.","

—– Since ancient times, ginger medicine and food are homologous, and it has been widely used in daily life.

Walking in the morning, it is advisable to contain one piece, and it should not be fog and expose the humidity, and the evil evils of Shanlan … All strokes, heat strokes, qi, poisoning, middle evils, dry cholera, all the storms, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, ginger juice and all strokes, and ginger juice and all strokes.Children’s urine can be dissolved.Ginger can open phlegm and qi, and children’s urine and fire."

—– Ginger status is quite high.

"Daily Materia Medica": "Treatment of typhus, wounds, headaches, nine tricks is not good. Entering the lungs appetite, getting cold in the abdomen, relieving odor.

"Materia Medica Pickling": "Disopoly drugs, break the blood, remove cold and remove sputum, and appetite."

"Medicine": "Ginger main typhoid headache, nasal congestion, through the joints of the limbs, opening the five internal organs and six internal organs. Ginger is wet, but the spleen and stomach temperature and health of the spleen and stomach are warm.Its taste is spicy, and it has the skills of opening up. "

—- After the rain was cold, a bowl of ginger was filled with green onions, a warm bowl of soup, and drove the cold to remove dampness and expel.Just remember that when the disease is, don’t drink it after effective.It is a positive solution to drink a few more thick rice soup to nourish the righteousness.

In fact, at the same time, doctors have admired ginger at the same time, they are also alert to its disadvantages.No one is recommended for everyone to eat, and always eat.

"Compendium of Materia Medica": "Ginger for a long time, accumulates fever with the eyes. Everyone with diseases and hemorrhoids eat more and alcohol, and the hair is very fast.

"Shennong Materia Medica Sutra": "Jiufu damage yin injury, yin deficiency internal heat, yin deficiency cough and vomiting blood, surface deficiency of hot sweat, self -sweat and night sweats, dirty poisoning, due to fever vomitingTaboo. "

"New Materia Medica": "Ginger is scattered, and it can disperse the wind …. Ginger is available in four o’clock, but it is not advisable to take more qi.

—– It is clearly explained here that you can’t take it for a long time.

Ginger eats too much: first, lead to the heating and fever in the body, and the other is to cause sweating and hurting the qi;

There are more serious:

[Hongjing] Said: Jiufu Shaozhi and Shao Zhi, sad.

[Simp]: Eat ginger in eaten in August and September, more than the spring of the spring, loss of life and reducing muscles, pregnant women eat it, so that the child is profitable.

—- I have already said many places. Ginger eats too much to hurt eyes and suffer from eye diseases.Pregnant women cannot eat a lot of ginger, and a small amount of ginger can be used as seasoning.

I don’t know where the inheritance of the modern brick family comes from?Some people promote "daily food ginger" and "three slices of ginger every morning".Many people are unsolved because of this.

In the Qing Dynasty, after the practice summary, the temperature of ginger was changed to heat.

"Following the Eat Discue Spectrum"

Xin, hot.

Disposal cold, warm, sputum dampness, relieving vomiting, pain, eliminating swelling, and insecticide.

Treatment of cold and cold, killing birds and beasts, scales, and dirty poisons.

Sauce is sauce and cured.

After so many years of practice, the disadvantages of ginger eating more will be more …

Eat, eat long, and consume liquid injuries.

Disease is non -wind and cold, cold and dampness, storage of cold and dampness,

Inner heat yin deficiency, eye disease, throat, blood syndrome, sores, vomiting and fire, malaria, hotstone asthma, fetal producing, bloating, after time, acne, after acne,

—— Modern people are spicy and fragrant.Many people have fire in the human body, hot chest, and how many people are suitable for eating ginger frequently?

Tianshi Zongjiaqin: Ancient people: medication is like a soldier.Ginger can be opened with a small amount of internal evils. Excessive or frequent opening of fur can cause a large amount of leakage of the barrier in the body.Positive qi is too much, which will cause the human body to fatigue, weakness, and heavy body, plus various evil qi invasion.

Therefore, ginger can not be eaten frequently, nor can it be used as a health food.

Generally speaking, only when the appetite is not very good, or when vomiting is like this, ginger is suitable.Do not use ginger when your appetite is good.

—- I found the reasons for the wind these days.The efficacy of ginger is too powerful. You don’t need to eat it. After using shampoo containing ginger ingredients, the harmless breeze can also make people feel uncomfortable with wind. It turned out to be fur, and naturally entered the body in the pores.

In the same way, if it is in winter or summer in the air -conditioned room, the cold will enter; hot days, summer heat entering; autumn, dry gas enter; during the rainy season, humidity enters … people are like a sieve.If you live in righteousness, you ca n’t stop evil spirits. How can it be uncomfortable?

Ginger with a strong effect, in addition to the emergency treatment of onion ginger water, the discomfort caused by wind and cold and dampness, it is only used as condiments. It is recommended not to eat it frequently.

As for the shampoos, foot powder and various derivative products and food containing ginger, before using, weigh the profit and disadvantages, so as not to do things and do not lose.

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