History of abortion at 24 times. After getting married, he found that the fallopian tube was blocked. What should I do if I want to have birth?

There is a 24 -year -old patient who has experienced four artificial abortion experiences.

At the age of 16, I accidentally got pregnant and accidentally became pregnant. She and her boyfriend were young. After three months, she had not been checked in the hospital for three months. Then she knew that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage with her mother’s company.

After going to college, he talked about love with college students, because he loved it, and lived with everyone with his boyfriend. As a result, he was pregnant unexpectedly.

Later, because of the summer vacation worker, he met someone on the table. The two could talk about it. They were drunk and had a relationship. I didn’t expect to be pregnant again.

After graduating from college, I am going to marry my boyfriend, because it is a single -parent family. The man’s family does not agree with the family affairs. After the two broke up, the girl knew that she was pregnant again. Although I knew that I had done three times, the damage caused by the body wasUnavoidable, after weighing weighing again, surgery again.

Now at the age of 24, she is married and married. Her husband also hurts her, but she has no children for a year. Her husband has no problem with her examination. She made an uterine fallopian tube iodine oil.I was panicked. I originally thought that I was a pregnancy -prone constitution, and now I was diagnosed with "secondary infertility".

Many young people began to have sex prematurely, and they could not be responsible for problems. They chose the bottom of the surgery.In the early twenties, three or four abortion surgery per year, using abortion as a contraceptive method.Young frivolous, ignorant and fearless, the mistakes at the moment are all the costs to be paid in the future. You must know that the physical damage caused by multiple miscarriage is irreversible.

(1) Vampire inflammation blockage

Because the recipient has heavier cervicitis or disinfection during surgery, bacteria can be brought into the uterine cavity, which causes fallopian tube obstruction and hinders eggs and sperm fertilization.

(2) Cervical and uterine adhesion

In the process of artificial abortion, due to the excessive suction or curettage, the cervical canal and endometrium were damaged, and then the cervical adhesion was caused by obstruction or the uterine cavity adhesion was reduced, so that the sperm could not enter the uterine cavity through the cervical canal, or the fertilized eggs couldCan’t bed and develop.

(3) Amenorrhea

When an excessive suction or curettage, the endometrium base layer is sucked, or the endometrium base layer is scraped off with a scratch, so that the endometrium can not regenerate, resulting in a small amount of menstrual flow, long -term amenorrhea.There is no bed in eggs.

(4) Habitual abortion

Multiple abortion can damage women’s uterine endometrium and cause women to habitually abortion.

The most easily caused by the flow of people’s flow is that the fallopian tube is blocked. The fallopian tubes are generally not obvious. A small number of fallopian tubes do not connect patients, and there will be pain on one side of the lower abdomen, or pain on both sides of the lower abdomen, the feeling of increased secretions, low back pain, etc.Blood volume increases, etc., only after experimenting through the tubal tube fluid.

Here we should specifically explain that preparation women are generally before the fallopian tubal angiography, women’s ovarian function and monitoring ovulation, and the man conducts routine semen analysis.If there is no problem above, it is recommended that patients with fallopian tubal angiography at this time.

1. Irregular menstruation

Generally, the disease of fallopian tubes does not affect the function of the ovarian, and it does not affect the amount of menstrual flow. It is only when inflammation and the ovarian function causes damage to the ovarian function.The most common menstrual frequency and excessive menstrual flow are the most common, which may be the result of pelvic congestion and ovarian dysfunction.

2. Abdominal pain

Women have fallopian tube diseases, and sometimes there will be pain in the lower abdomen, but there are different degrees of discomfort.If it is an acute fallopian tube disease, in addition to abdominal pain, there may also be the following symptoms: the abdomen has swelling, cold war fever, and constipation or diarrhea may occur; frequent urination and pain; vaginal discharge pus and blood.If the disease occurs during menstruation or abortion, the amount of bleeding will increase and the menstrual period will be extended.

3. Symptoms of dysmenorrhea

Because the blocked fallopian tubes can cause the pelvic congestion of women, this can easily lead to female dysmenorrhea! Abdominal pain caused by this cause will start from the week before menstruation, to the menstrual period gradually, and the end of menstruation will slowly disappear if the pain will slowly disappear.Intersection

Simply talk to you about the two ideas of Chinese and Western medicine for the treatment of fallopian tubes:

Surgical treatment:

Falconum dredging is divided into open abdominal surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Their principles are the same. They are separated and adhered to restore the smooth flow of the fallopian tube.

Although the union of laparoscopy, although it can better solve the problem of fallopian tubes, it is not recommended that all fallopian tubes blocked people, and laparoscopy surgery was performed.Usually meet the following three points, clinical doctors are recommended to perform laparoscopic surgery:

1. The woman is younger than 35 years old and except ovarian function.

2. After surgery, you need to test for half a year to one year. The "folding stick" of women over 35 years of age decreases. Long -term trial pregnancy is equal to wasteing precious fertility time.

3. The woman’s natural cycle or urging ovulation after ovulation is normal.

If the problem of the woman’s ovulation cannot be solved through the drug, or the ovarian function has been reduced very obvious, it is meaningless to whether the fallopian tubes are unobstructed. At this time, I can only try IVF technology.

How does Chinese medicine treat the tubal of tubes?

There is no name related to the fallopian tube obstruction in Chinese medicine literature. According to Western medicine, the results of their pathophysiology and the results of clinical examinations are very similar to the "blood stasis syndrome" of Chinese medicine.Blood blood stasis refers to the pathological substances that are poorly run, stagnate in the meridians or internal organs, or the blood accumulated in the body.After the formation of blood stasis, it can hinder the new life and operation of normal qi and blood, so that local inflammation, adhesion, tissue hyperplasia, and mass changes.The two essence is difficult to fight each other, which can lead to infertility.

TCM treatment is mainly based on qi and activating blood, removing stasis, pain, and relieving pain, softness, and heat -clearing and detoxifying.

According to the menstrual cycle, the medication is roughly divided into 3 stages:

(1) Usually medication: It is mainly based on relief of liver and qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and is equipped with soft and stimulating knot, clearing heat and detoxifying.

(2) The luteal period of rising basal body temperature: adding the quality of kidney and aphrodisiac.

(3) Period menstruation or early stages of menstruation: Those with less menstrual blood circulation and stasis are used less.Conditioning according to the menstrual cycle of the patient will help the fallopian tube dredging.

Whether it is choosing Chinese medicine treatment or surgical treatment, the purpose is to get through the blocked fallopian tubes to welcome good pregnancy.After the surgery is dredged, the Chinese medicine assistance can be used to prevent the adverse consequences of the tubal stagnation, adhesion, and blocking of the tubal stagnation, adhesion, and blockage.

Menstrual period must avoid sexual life, otherwise it is easy to cause infection and cause the fallopian tube to block;

It is also necessary to avoid multiple abortion. Artificial abortion not only seriously damages the health of women, but also is likely to cause the fallopian tubes due to inflammation and other factors after surgery;

You must go to a regular hospital when performing uterine cavity examinations to ensure standardized operations.

In the end, be sure to remind young people not to play with love, and think about everything.Girls must not have no reservation because they like a person. If a boy likes someone, he must know how to protect her.

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