Hit the pregnant wife to abortion!If it is not blocked, then the entertainment industry is really not saved …

Remember the combination of "Supreme"?

You are the marshmallow in my heart, a sweet dream …

Remember this song?Successfully became popular with a "Marshmallow".

The C position is the actor we are talking about today, Liu Zhoucheng. At that time, he was the lead singer of the band and was called the band’s face value by fans.

At that time, if the traffic star did not have new works for a long time, it would gradually be forgotten by the public.

Later, Liu Zhou achieved the news of his marriage on Weibo. As a former love bean, of course, he will get everyone’s blessings. Liu Zhoucheng also took his wife from time to time. Later, his wife was pregnant, and he carefully took care of his wife and "pet wife".The image is followed again.

In 2017, Liu Zhoucheng’s "domestic violence" incident was revealed by the media, and the incident immediately attracted attention.

When he became popular, he was just a flash of flowers, but now he has appeared on the hot search list because of his family storm.

Lin Miao claimed that Liu Zhoucheng had committed a family atrocities at her 6 times during her pregnancy and confinement.

The slap, grabbing her head hit the wall, and even fell her mobile phone to prevent her from calling for the police. The most serious time was to hit her wife Lin Miao to miscarriage during pregnancy.

After every time I finished playing, I apologized, saying that I was the last time.

Later, Lin Miao posted a relevant certificate from the hospital, so Liu Zhou was unable to argue, and the photos sent by us were taking pictures, in order to based on his good man’s image.

It was unbearable, and Lin Miao decided to expose and issued a divorce statement.

As soon as this incident came out, Liu Zhoucheng quickly appeared on the hot search. It was indignant to human and god, but he didn’t seem to realize his mistakes, but said that he was deceived, because when she knew the ex -wife Lin, she had given birth to a child.And forgery the second generation of rich.

As a victim, if you first know, he will not marry Lin Miao. Although netizens will be pitiful, the domestic violence is difficult to forgive, and the husband and wife will finally tear the face, which is really chilling.

After the divorce, Liu Zhoucheng almost no longer had any programs willing to invite him. In the face of the high amount of support for each month, Liu Zhoucheng could not do it. He could only watch Douyin live and bring goods.

However, his faint fame was not hot, but the live broadcast room was very deserted. No one even bought it. Even if he sent a signature, no one was still willing to buy it.

But who can think of Liu Zhoucheng’s sudden closing of the hot search is the new relationship of officials, and her new girlfriend’s self -introduction method is even more destroying the three views.She called herself a new sandbag and said with Liu Zhoucheng in the comment area.

Unexpectedly, because of this heat, Liu Zhoucheng became popular again, and he successfully found the traffic password, and he taught a punch in the live broadcast room.

After the heat was fired, Liu Zhoucheng also posted a video of punching and kicking against the camera on the Internet, which caused controversy from netizens. In the video, he showed his fierce face, with his fist, elbow, and kick.This is simply the perspective of domestic violence.

The final result can be imagined that Liu Zhoucheng was blocked by major platforms.

But recently, I still saw him in Douyin and still live broadcast. Although the popularity is not high, there are three or two people who accidentally mentioned that he had hit people, and he would be blackened by him.

But how can once be unforgettable by family violence?Why is he still appearing on the Douyin platform, isn’t it completely blocked?

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