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Can’t judge whether a person is infected by symptoms


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Then why can’t it be based on symptoms

Determine whether a person is infected with AIDS?

The reason is a bit complicated, but the conclusion is simple!



AIDS is a chronic progressive infectious disease. After human infection with HIV, its natural development history will go through three stages: acute infection period, asymptomatic incubation period, and AIDS stage.

Under normal circumstances:

In the acute infection period of 2-12 weeks, 70%of people will experience cold-like symptoms;

During the asymptomatic incubation period for 6-8 years, someone will have continuous lymphatic swelling;

In the AIDS period, recurrent fever, diarrhea, cough, skin infection and other symptoms will occur early. In the later stages, severe opportunities and tumors will occur, which eventually leads to death.

In other words, in the natural development of AIDS, the length of each stage is different, the clinical symptoms of each stage are different, and the clinical manifestations of the same stage vary from person to person at the same stage.

Moreover, the key is that AIDS does not have any own clinical symptoms of its own.

in conclusion

Infected AIDS cannot be seen from the appearance.Judging from the symptoms to determine whether I was infected with AIDS, it was simply a cup of bow snake shadow, scared myself!


How can I know if I am infected with AIDS?

Let’s listen to what Dr. Kami said!


We should all know

Testing is the only way to find AIDS infection!

If there is the following situation

Should ask for testing

First, high -risk behavior occurs, including only one unused condom: male and male sexual behavior, heterosexual behavior, multi -sexual accompaniment, one -night stand, or people who do not know through various dating apps.

The second is when the spouse or sexual companion is an infected person or the infection is unknown.

The third is to share with others with drugs and absorb new drugs.

Fourth, it is extracted and tattooers in the informal medical unit (in the process that may be used in the process without strict disinfection).

Fifth, there are other circumstances, including: syphilis, gonorrhea, condyloma acuminatum and other patients with sexually transmitted diseases; partners who are preparing to get married are recommended to be tested before marriage; pregnant women recommend that they just detect during pregnancy; babies infected with AIDS mothers.

You can choose to go voluntary consultation and test outpatient clinic

Accept free, confidential, professional consulting and testing

TIPS: Pay attention to the "Guangdong Disease Control" WeChat public account, and click the "Provincial AIDS Consultation Institution" in "Disease Control Services" to obtain a list of AIDS voluntary consulting and testing agencies across Guangdong Province.

If you are worried that you will meet an acquaintance in the clinic

You can also apply for self -examination reagent services without leaving home

Source: Guangdong Disease Control

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