Home has a cute pet "raising pigs to get rich"

As the saying goes, "raising pigs to get rich."

Let ’s talk about my pig experience and pig experience.

Guinea pigs are also called Dutch pigs and manure -making machines

An animal that looks adorable, but it is really a cute endorsement; I don’t think it wants the cat to be so cold and not as noisy as a dog.

My two pigs are named: the rest of life (black and white) and Assie (yellow white) (why take this name? Um … I don’t know)

Both the rest of your life and Asi are three -color pigs, let’s introduce the details of their lives.

The rest of her life was a not shy woman, not afraid of life, lively, and delicious.

Asi is a little man. He wants to eat and can’t fight for his wife and adults at home, but dare to dare to be in the nest -bullying me oh ~~

At first, I was afraid that I was too busy to work without so much time to accompany them to buy two so that they would accompany each other; they did not live up to my heart.Now my life has been pregnant with my baby.

And why do they call them "manure -making machines"?Presumably the shoveling officers who have been raised know that their daily life is to eat, drink La Sa sleeping. This is normal.But my family belongs to the more special daily life: eat, drink, drink, la la la la la la la.

The rest of their lives and Asxi are their names, and it is almost a year since the two of them have been with me!It is their birthday in more than a month.Want to give them a "hot pot" or something.

Forget it!How can I be willing.Their average life expectancy is 6-8 years.So I especially cherish the time with them.

1. Meng, so cute, how can you dislike it, and there are many varieties of Dutch pigs to choose from, there is always one you like, after getting fat, the fleshy is great, and the little guys willSelling cute for eating.

2. Do not make trouble. Dutch pigs are actually quiet. They will not make noise, but you have to take time to observe them every day, because the little guys are sick and are easily ignored because they are quiet and easy to ignore, so they depend on their mental state every day.

3. Real, really real, as long as scientific feeding, pay attention to the heat of the summer, keep warm in winter, they are basically not sick

4. A loved ones, most Dutch pigs will have relatives after a period of time. It is also a great time to tease pigs in leisure time, but when they are busy, they will also entertain themselves and will not disturb you.

5. Simple feeding. As long as you change fresh food and water every day, you can’t spend it long, they can live well. Note: If you are busy people, you have no time to accompany him.Pigs, after all, are living animals, and they will be lonely if no one is accompanied.

If you also think my pigs are cute, remember to give me a praise!

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