Honey nourishment?Drink in the morning or at night?The real effect of honey is only 2 points

"A glass of honey water in the morning, detoxify and beauty"

"Constipation a glass of honey water, smooth and worry -free ~"

1. Is honey nutritional value really high?

Honey is processed by the nectar collected by bees from flowers. Its composition is complex and contains a variety of beneficial nutrients.But in fact, the main component of honey is "sugar+water".Honey contains a large amount of glucose and fructose, as well as about 17-18%of water.

Indeed, honey also contains more than 180 kinds of substances, such as protein, amino acids, inorganic salts, organic acids, enzymes, hormones, enzymes, multiple vitamins, biological active substances, and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and minerals and minerals.wait.But in fact, the composition content of this part is less than 1%. From a nutritional perspective, the nutritional value of honey is relatively single.

2. These effects of honey may be different from what you think

1. Beyond

For those who are not tolerated, honey water does have a "laxative" effect, but this "laxative is only because" honey contains a large amount of fructose, and people who are not tolerated by fructose are low in absorption of fructose sugar.The ingredients that can not be decomposed in time in time can cause the ingredients to metabolize, causing fructose to be decomposed by bacteria in the intestine to produce gas and acid, causing symptoms such as diarrhea and flatulence.Therefore, for people who are not tolerated in fructose, too much honey intake may lead to problems such as poor digestion and overweight constipation.

For people who are not tolerated, honey water has a certain laxative effect.

2. Beauty

Honey does contain a variety of enzymes, including glucose oxidase, peroxidase, lactate bacteria, and royal plasma enzymes.These enzymes have certain benefits to human health, but the content of enzymes in honey is relatively low, and its actual effect may not be as significant as described in the advertisement.

3. Treatment of cough

Honey has a certain antitussive effect, which can relieve the symptoms of cough, which has received some research support.Honey can increase the secretion of oral and pharyngeal mucus, protect the throat, reduce irritation, relieve the dry throat, and thereby coughing.But this cannot fundamentally solve the disease of cough, so honey has no treatment effect.

Third, the real effect of honey is these two points

1. Season

Like white sugar and brown sugar, honey can also be used as seasoning during cooking, or it can also be used as auxiliary materials during baking.

2. Fat fat

Honey is a high -calorie food. Every 100 grams of honey contains about 300 kcal of calories, almost all of which are glucose and fructose.If you consume honey for a long time, the energy of intake will exceed the body’s consumption, leading to increased weight, and even cause obesity.

Just to say that the fruit sugar in honey is transformed into glucose about 17%after entering the human body, 20%~ 50%is converted into glucose, and most of the remaining parts are used in fat synthesis.

Fourth, common problems

1. Isn’t someone suitable for honey?

Of course.Fructose is not resistant to people; diabetic patients; young children within 1 year old (even children over 1 year old, do not eat any pure natural, absolutely no additives);People (for acetamol) are not suitable for honey.

2. Propolis effect is better than honey?

Propolis is a resin -shaped substance that collects pollen and plant mucus in the mouth. It is an important defensive substance for bees to defend honeycomb and young bees from being attacked by bacteria, fungi and viruses.

At present, some studies have found that propolis has a variety of effects, such as antibacterial, anti -inflammatory, and antioxidant.But this is not to say that you can eat propolis directly into your belly!In order to use these effects, purifying effective substances, taking sufficient amount, and removing harmful substances must be achieved one by one.

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