Hong Kong’s fertility rate is the lowest in the world?Why dare not give birth to children?

Hong Kong’s 26 -year -old man, Mr. Li, married four years ago. After marriage, he worked with his wife in a fast food restaurant in Hong Kong. The two people earned about 30,000 Hong Kong dollars per month.The year has only accumulated more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars.Mr. Li’s wife prefers children, hoping to take advantage of young children, but the high cost of living in Hong Kong has made Mr. Li discourage.But when he saw his wife so loved the lovely and loved "Tuanzai", he couldn’t bear to refuse directly, so he wrote his family status and his wife’s wishes as posts on the Internet, asking the opinions of netizens.Sure enough, most of the netizens do not agree with Mr. Li for children, and some people even say it is difficult to hear."Early 30,000, you have to pay for rent, if you want your children, your offspring will not owe you, don’t torture them." "I will not give birth to you, you can’t provide a happy day for children, poor children will not be happy"Essence

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Mr. Li and his wife were very frustrated when they saw these netizens commented. They deleted online posts and temporarily dispel the idea of fertility.Mr. Li lamented, "Unless one day, Hong Kong house prices are not so expensive and can stay in public housing. There are their own housing, and there will be no childcare problems."

Mr. Li’s encounter is not a case. At present, young people in Hong Kong are generally insufficient for fertility.According to the latest annual "World Population Status" report released by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the average of only 0.8 children per person in Hong Kong women has the lowest fertility rate in the world.There is a large gap with the fertility rate of 1.2 in the Mainland.

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The high cost of housing is the main reason why young people in Hong Kong dare not want their children. In the face of a casual set of housing with dozens of square meters, it costs tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars in the property market. Young people with only tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars can only be ""Wang Lou Xing sighs. "The three -year epidemic, the unemployment rate has risen, and the young people with unstable work are unable to succeed even their lives.Even the Hong Kong Legislative Council members were "bold enough to give birth to a baby in Hong Kong."

Although the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has issued a policy of encouraging fertility, and the highest fertility subsidy can reach 365,000 Hong Kong dollars, in the face of high fertility costs, many young people can only be forced to adapt to reality and choose not to marry and infertility.In addition, the concept of young people who support their children to prevent the elderly and the successful generation have gradually diluted, and the fertility rate has decreased.

The current status of fertility facing Hong Kong is also gradually emerging in the Mainland, and high fertility costs have become a problem that young people in the Mainland must face now.According to the Chinese fertility cost report 2022, a child in Mainland China from pregnancy to training to graduate from college, with an average of RMB 627,800 per child (excluding housing costs).

It comes from the fertility cost report 2022 version 2022

In addition, in order to improve their competitiveness, many young people in the Mainland choose to continue to improve their education. When they enter the society, they are 25-26 years old, and the cruel workplace competition allows young people to have a time to choose their partners, which will greatly delay the time of love and marriage.These status quo will gradually cause the domestic population structure to be unreasonable. Obviously, the country’s low fertility rate and social problems brought by aging. The country and localities have introduced the incentives for fertility.The cost of fertility is just a cup of water. However, with the accumulation of social wealth and the improvement of related supporting policies, strive to build a social foundation that allows young people to gain happiness, so that they can get confident in marriage and fertility.

Summary of maternity subsidies in the Mainland

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