Hormones can anti -inflammatory and itching. Can pregnant women rub the hormone ointment with itching?

I believe that many pregnant women talk about hormone color changes, worrying about external hormones with side effects, and pregnant mothers who suffer from eczema are never a small number.However, everyone thinks of side effects such as full moon face, buffalo back, and centripetal obesity, but usually only long -term large -dose oral hormones or injection hormones will appear.

For short -term use of external hormones, only the skin becomes thinner and pigmented, and it will not cause teratogenic effects on the fetus.As a lactating mother who just came from pregnancy, I can tell everyone responsible here that eczema during pregnancy can be used for external hormones, but there must be options.

Studies at home and abroad show that weak or medium -efficiency hormones can be selected in the second and second trimester, such as 0.1%orbinocarium hydrogenated or 0.1%mintic acid, and the use of short -term and small areas.The safety of use 3 months before pregnancy is not certain and should be avoided.Compared with the washing agent, gel, and ointment, the use of cream is recommended to moisturize, and it will not make the pregnant mother feel too greasy.

If some pregnant women, can eczema on the face be used?For delicate skin, you can use weak -effect hormone -butyl hydrogenation, and even the baby’s skin can be used.

Here I teach you a tip that needs to be lower than the drug concentration on the market. You can use the low -sensitive moisturizing cream and hormone cream 1: 1 or the minimum 4: 1 and use it.

Hormones can anti -inflammatory and itching,

Can I rub hormone ointment when I feel itchy?

Do not have the mentality of "more dosage, the better the coverage, the greater the coverage, the better".

Generally, it only takes 1 or 2 times daily. Select a small amount with a fingertips, and apply it thinly to the rash part, and one fingertip is coated with two slaps.

If the number of times is too much, not only will it not increase the efficacy significantly, but it will increase the risk of side effects and infection.After short -term medication, you can collect it when you see it, and only use moisturizing cream to care for the skin.At the same time, if eczema eczema eczema burst in large areas, food allergies should be considered, and the cause should be found and avoids.

There are also many pregnant mothers consulting Chinese medicine and Haitao Drugs on Weibo and WeChat platforms.

Don’t trust the so -called pure Chinese medicine without hormones, nor is it superstitious about the safety of Haitao Drugs and no side effects.Rather than abusing hormone ointment without knowing it, it is better to use hormone ointment and reasonable use of hormone ointment.

If you can’t distinguish it, please go to the regular hospital for help

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