Hosting the Spring Festival Gala for forgetting words, Li Sisi laughed at himself for three years, and sacrificed her career. She did not regret her

Recently, some netizens made a message to Niger, mentioning that CCTV hostess Li Sisi: "Married to an old man, is it true?"

Nigba’s answer is: "Go to listen to the latest episode of" You Good Life "call her husband, judge the age by yourself, and don’t want to be cloudy."

Other netizens asked, Xiao Ni was completely angry: "If you are sick, her husband is smaller than me."

Li Sisi also clarified more than once. His husband was a post -80s. He was a chicken. They were each other’s first love.

Li Sisi has hosted the CCTV Spring Festival Gala 7 times. The absence of the host this year has also triggered many speculations.

Actors Tong Liya and 23 -year -old Zhang Shuyue hosted the 2020 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, replacing the 46 -year -old Zhu Xun and 33 -year -old Li Sisi.

After Zhou Tao and Dong Qing left the Spring Festival Gala stage, Li Sisi was originally a powerful contender for CCTV’s "one sister", so her absence was attracted much attention and caused heated discussion.

In fact, in the past two years, Li Sisi shifted more energy to the career and two children. This year’s Spring Festival Gala pushed a new facial host, Li Sisi would miss the host of the Spring Festival Gala, and she became the second treasure mother for her young age.I don’t regret it.

Today, the little girl in Ying will tell you the story of Li Sisi’s marriage and love. In order to take care of her career and family, she is really hard!

Li Sisi has a good family background. Grandpa is a soldier who participated in the Battle of Liaoning and Shen and the Battle of Pingjin. Grandpa is a senior engineer. He has designed many bridges in Jilin Province. He is a senior teacher. His mother is a doctor.

A few days ago Mother’s Day, Li Sisi took a recent photo of her mother, and she looked like her mother.

When Li Sisi’s parents were young, the golden boy and jade girl and fashion pioneer in the eyes of neighbors.

Li Sisi studied dance since childhood, and was admitted to the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University in the summer of 2004.

In his sophomore year, Li Sisi had just worked on Peking University Student TV Station for a few days, and was participated in the CCTV "Challenge Host" program by Ma Dongxiang.

The versatile Li Sisi became the eighth issue of "Challenge Host".

Li Sisi also participated in the CCTV variety show host selection contest, and one year later he got an invitation letter to work in CCTV.

At that time, Li Sisi was still studying in a junior. He could only work in CCTV as an intern to host the live show "Variety Express".

In my junior year, Li Sisi met a boyfriend who was also the post -80s under the introduction of the university teacher.

Li Sisi once said in an interview: "We are not in the same class, but we first love each other. I think I am particularly lucky that I have not taken detours in love. He is a particularly precious wealth in my life."

Li Sisi recalled that her boyfriend would always buy her food for her after class at night, and the two were very happy at the door of the dormitory.The dormitory is going to turn off the lights, and they say goodbye like other couples.The boyfriend always stood there, watched Li Sisi’s back disappear, and then turned to leave.

"At that time, I was thinking that a person who chose to see your back left must love you more than the person who left the back to you." Li Sisi determined this science and engineering man.

In 2008, Li Sisi graduated from undergraduate, and her boyfriend gave her a cute clay sculpture.

After graduating, Li Sisi continued as a variety show while studying graduate students.

In 2010, Master Li Sisi graduated and officially joined CCTV to host the "Dance World" and Qing Ge competition.

The friendship between her and Nigbuyi’s colleague was established at that time. Their CP was called "Lake Nice Water Monster". Xiao Ni ridiculed that Li Sisi had "thick legs", and Li Sisi DISS was "big round face".

In 2012, Li Sisi was invited to host the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time. At that time, the director of the Spring Festival Gala was Li Yong’s wife Harvin. She hoped that she could inject fresh blood into the Spring Festival Gala’s hosting lineup, so she used Li Sisi and Sabenin.

At that time, 25 -year -old Li Sisi was the youngest CCTV Spring Festival Gala host in history. She was under great pressure.

Every time I encountered a problem, Li Sisi asked Zhu Jun and Dong Qing to ask, "They will always give me guidance, sometimes they will be demonstrated. There are Li Yongge and Xiao Sa, and they will never laugh around us."

The host of the 2012 Spring Festival Gala in the following figure all absent from this year’s Spring Festival Gala.

In 2013 and 2014, Li Sisi presided over the two -year Spring Festival Gala in a row, but she was pregnant in spring 2014.

I heard that Li Sisi was pregnant, relatives and friends were taken aback.Everyone generally believes that the female host should work hard, and late marriage and childbirth are standard.But Li Sisi not only married early in love, but also worked in financial work after returning her husband, and Li Sisi was 28 years old!

In this regard, Li Sisi said: "Parents are very traditional about my education. What should I do in any age? Fighting is to live up to lives. If you sacrifice your life for your career, isn’t it upside down at the end of this?"

When Li Sisi was pregnant, he did not immediately tell his colleagues about the news.

She put away high -heeled shoes, put on uphill shoes, and insisted on high -intensity show recording at least 6 hours a day.

Every time I finish the show, I have a back pain. The first thing Li Sisi returned to the backstage was lying down and resting.

Sometimes she is still retching on the stage, she can only cover it with cough, and her eyes and cheeks are red.

She also accepted the task of driving on a plane in the early pregnancy. She recorded a 3 -day program for 3 consecutive days and worked for 10 hours a day.

After 4 months of pregnancy, Li Sisi’s stomach couldn’t hide it, so he shared good news with his colleagues.

The words of colleagues moved her very much: "If you choose to continue working, we support you! If you choose to rest, we are waiting for you!"

In December 2014, Li Sisi had a son -in -law Yuanbao.

Before the operation, her husband cried and said to her, "Oh! I really don’t want you to be hit by this sword! I feel bad for you!"

Fortunately, Li Sisi danced hard and practiced the basic skills from elementary school, so she was able to withstand pain, and her postpartum recovery was also very good.

Before Li Sisi finished confinement, he notified her to host the 2015 Spring Festival Gala.

It was only two months before the Spring Festival Gala, and Li Sisi had risen 33 pounds!

Li Sisi, who insisted on breastfeeding, was 14 pounds lightly 3 weeks before giving birth.

She recovered yoga training before confinement, and reduced 11 pounds in just 3 weeks.

With an extra weight of 8 pounds, she began to participate in the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal.

Go to CCTV at 10 am every day, rehearse at 2 pm, end the rehearsal at 7 pm, open a summary meeting, and go home at 10 pm.

In order to ensure ingots’ rations, Li Sisi became a "back milk" mother.

The high -intensity rehearsal made Li Sisi thinner and became thinner, and worked in the dresses customized according to the pre -pregnancy body in the evening of the Spring Festival Gala.

During the rehearsal, Li Sisi deeply appreciated what "one pregnancy and three years."

Every day when she goes to the stage, she always receives a call from her mother- "Your high -heeled shoes are forgotten!" "Isn’t your contact lenses bring?" "The dress is forgotten, I don’t call, what are you wearing it in a while?"

When the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast, "one pregnancy silly three years" gave Li Sisi a heavy blow.

When talking about the opening word, Kang Hui said to Li Sisi, and Li Sisi suddenly had a blank head in his mind!

Although there was only a short moment of pause, Li Sisi was about to collapse!

She couldn’t remember the original lines, so she had to compile her words according to her previous experience, because she was worried that the next Sabenin could not pick up her words, so she desperately thought about the original line, and finally took the last original word.Say it.

When Li Sisi stepped down, his hands were cold and his legs trembled. After that, the whole Spring Festival Gala live broadcast was as thin as ice.

Every time she changes her clothes in the background, she has to prepare food for Yuanbao, and also strives not to think about "pregnancy silly".

In the end, when the end of the Spring Festival Gala, Li Sisi’s throat was a little hoarse, but he always carried the whole live broadcast.

He returned home with a tired body, and Li Sisi didn’t even have a mood of eating dumplings.

She watched the recording and sowing, and confirmed that her forgotten words and pause were not obvious, so she let go.

After hosting the Spring Festival Gala 2015, Li Sisi returned to his post and continued to fight against the "pregnancy stupid".

She reluctantly said that she was "restrained, the improvisation reaction became slower, and she often eaten screws."

Her laughter became lower, and her tears became lower. Li Sisi on the stage was closer to her life and was even more grounded.

Li Sisi is a good mother. No matter how late the day before, he will stick to 7 o’clock and accompany Yuanbao for an hour.

Except for work, she almost stayed at home with her children, and she couldn’t even go to cinema, cafes, and restaurants.

On holidays, she will also leave her aunt for vacation. A person takes care of Yuanbao to eat and play, and it will not be tired.

After five consecutive Spring Festival Gala, Li Sisi was absent from the host of the 2017 Spring Festival Gala because she was pregnant again.

That Spring Festival Gala that year, Li Sisi, who was pregnant with Liuga, accompanied his eldest son ingot to watch TV at home: "At the end of the opening show, the heartbeat was accelerated, and the palms were sweating.

After giving birth to the younger son, Jin Bao, Li Sisi sighed: "The second child is not easy, and the tears are running; the second child is not easy, and it collapses."

Fortunately, Yuanbao Jinbao and Li Sisi took care of their children together, and the couple suffered.

As the sons grow up, there are more and more fun in life.

Once, Jin Bao asked Li Sisi: "Mom, what do you say?"

Brother ingot answers: "Sugar is Candy, wolf is wolf, and praying mantis is Candy Wolf."

A few days ago, Li Sisi also took two babies as a youth group: "Yuanbao helps his mother to stir up the bean paste, tear the meat, make meat pine. Reward two dollars."

Jin Bao immediately protested: "Then I helped, mother."

Li Sisi asked him, "What are you helping?" Jin Bao said, "I helped eat ~ Without me, the Youth League is left."

During the Lantern Festival, Bao Dad ran a lot of shops to buy Chinese lanterns for his sons.

He also often took pictures of his wife and children, and recorded that Li Sisi took two baby to see the happiness of the little frog together.

Li Sisi once said that a woman is 30 years old.

This is even more for the female host. Many female hosts choose to marry late marriage and childcare. By slowing the footsteps of life and even sacrificing their lives to keep their careers preserving and set the image.

In contrast, Li Sisi’s choice is very different. She got married early and gave birth to a baby early.

When many female hosts are still fighting for their careers, Li Sisi puts all the spare time on the husband.

Li Sisi, who strives to take care of his career and family, is still one of CCTV’s best female host.

Recently, she was hosting "Echo Liang Liang", and she also went to "Hello Life" with Kang Hui, Nig Buy, Zhu Xun, and Zhang Lei.

Li Sisi did not regret the influence of Lian Shengwa on his career: "After having a child, he lost his time and space, and also lost time to get along with friends.I want to understand one thing: work is for life, for children, I have no regrets. "

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