Hot search first!"Maybe", can I still eat it in the future?

It may be Asba sweet to end Coca -Cola and Pepsi.

On the evening of the 29th, the topic”Asba sweet carcinogenia”boarded on Weibo hot search first.

According to Reuters, people familiar with the matter revealed that the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC, the World Health Organization Cancer Research Agency) will first list Asba as "material that may cause cancer" in July.And Coca -Cola and Pepsi’s sugar -free drinks, Marshuman gum, etc., all have Asba sweets.

It is rumored that Asba sweetly becomes "carcinogenic suspect"

These foods are added

According to Bloomberg, the relevant reports of Asba’s sweetness were prepared by the World Health Organization International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization Food Additive Expert Committee.

Regarding the news, WHO responded to the media that it would publish related content on this topic on July 14, but did not disclose what the specific content was.

Asba is one of the most common artificial sweeteners in the world.According to my country’s "Food Additives" (GB2760-2014), Asba Sweetan can be used in foods such as bread, pastry, biscuits, beverages, condiments and other foods.

In recent years, with the continuous enhancement of consumers’ health awareness, "low sugar" and "0 sugar" have become a new consumption boom, and it has also shown the sugar market for the food and beverage industry.The news of "Asba is sweet may be carcinogenic" has undoubtedly made countless low -sugar food enthusiasts tighter.Do we buy low -sugar food?

Sugar -free Coca -Cola and Sugar -free Pepsic Cola are added with Asba.

On June 29, the official Weibo of Qi Forest issued a statement saying that the entire product of the vitality forest does not contain Asba sweet.Zhongxin Finance inquired about the packaging of vitality forest products. The ingredients table showed that the vitality forest is currently using moss glycol.

The Naixue Mini Program shows that the substitutes used in the current milk tea are Luohan fruit juice, and in addition to the Luohan fruit juice, bottle drinks are also added with moss.Earlier, there were media reports that the sugar used in the tea -made milk tea is sweet chrysanthemum sugar, and the bottle of beverage ingredients table showed that the sweetness agent added includes trichlotine sucrose and moss.

Zhongxin Finance has noticed that currently the Coca -Cola zero, Coca -Cola Fiber+, Sprite Fiber+, Fanta Zero Card, Coca -Cola Fiber+Coca -Cola Fiber, Pepsi Coca -Cola, PepsiSugar gum, mint sugar, etc.

Some people in the industry told CITIC that Asba sweet is a relatively low -end artificial sweetener."Many foods now use natural sweeteners to replace artificial sweeteners."

International beverage industry response

For a long time, Asba’s sweet security has been controversial, and research around Asba’s sweetness has continued.The WHO will announce that Asba’s sweet "may cause cancer to humans", and many international related industry associations have responded quickly.

On the 29th, the International Beverage Association Committee (ICBA) issued relevant documents, and its executive director Kate Loadman said that the news contradicts high -quality scientific evidence over decades."It may not be necessary to mislead consumers to take more sugar."

Kate Lotman said that the World Health Organization and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Food Additive Joint Expert Committee (JECFA) is conducting a wider and more comprehensive food safety review to obtain more conclusive evidence."We are still confident in the safety of Asba’s sweetness."

The International Sweet Origin Association (ISA) also stated that "preliminary speculation on the opinions of the International Cancer Research Institution is seriously concerned."

His Secretary-General Frances Hunt-Wood said: "More than 90 food safety institutions in the world have claimed that Asba is sweet and safe, including the European Food Safety Administration, which has been the most comprehensive Ah.Suba’s sweet security assessment. "

Francis Hunt Wood added: "Before the two reports of the WHO were released, no conclusions could be obtained."

According to foreign media reports, since the first approval of Asba sweet as a sweetener in 1974, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled the material safety five times.According to the official website of the US Food and Drug Administration, in order to determine the safety of Asba, it has reviewed more than 100 studies that aimed at determining possible toxic effects, including assessment of the impact of reproductive and nervous systems, carcinogenicity and metabolismResearch.

Zhongxin Finance noticed that on May 15th, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a new guide to non -sugar sweeter. It is recommended not to use non -sugar sweeter agents to control weight, or reduce non -contagiousness to reduce non -contagious natureRisk of disease.

Sugar "concept stocks" rose sharply

Although the WHO’s specific report on Asba’s sweet report has not been disclosed, Asba’s sweet "name" has undoubtedly affected relevant food manufacturers.

The main functional sugar products of the main functional sugar said that its products do not involve Asba sweet.For cooperation with companies such as Coca -Cola, the company said, "products do not involve such chemical products, which are basically natural."

Chenguang Bio also said that the company’s main plant extraction is natural products, which does not involve artificial synthetic products such as Asba Sweet.

On June 30, the concept stock of sugar agency rose sharply, the word of the Polaries rose a daily limit, and the ternary creature rose more than 15%.

CITIC Securities Research Report pointed out that, due to safety and cost considerations, it is expected that downstream manufacturers will accelerate the safer concession of Asba and other safer sweeteners.In addition, with the continuous strengthening of the source and safety issues of sweeteners, the demand for natural sweeteners is expected to grow at high speed.

Some experts said in an interview with the media that the academic circles are currently controversial for the side effects of sugar substitutes.Studies have shown that the sugar replacement is less harmful to health relative to sugar.However, some studies have shown that a large number of consumption of sugar can reduce insulin sensitivity, cause metabolic disorders and increased appetite, which leads to weight gain.

Source: China News Network

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