How accurate is the pulse diagnosis of Chinese medicine?(three)

Let’s first review the records of the pregnancy pulse in the ancient books:

Jingyun: The yin -fighting yang is called the son…. The diagnosis of his hands is very yin pulse, and the stretch is also.

Shaoyin, heart pulse too.The heart of the heart, the renal name of the family, the renal pulse of the ruler, the pulse in the ruler, the endless, the pregnancy is also pregnant.Three veins are ups and downs, and those who are abnormal are pregnant.At the beginning of pregnancy, the inch was slightly tiny and breathed five.March and the number of ruler.The veins are slippery, and those who are scattered with their hands, the fetus has also been in March.The pulse is not scattered, but the person who is not slippery is also in May.

– "pulse Jing"

Shaoyin moves very much, which means that there are sons, the ruler is smooth, and the pregnancy is happy.

Sliding is not dispersed, the fetus must be in March, but it will not be dispersed, and may not be different.

– "Lake Pulse"

It can be seen that the changes in the pulse of pregnancy are mainly reflected in Shaoyin veins. Shaoyin veins refer to heart veins and kidney veins.

Now the problem is coming, what performance "moves" is difficult to make clear, "slippery" is the main disease. How can you confirm that you are pregnant?

After the clinical exploration and comparison, some characteristic performance was found: the pulse of pregnancy was mostly on the left inch pulse, and the pulse was fluent, but it did not have the characteristics of the smooth pulse of "walking beads".However, this pulse also occurs when menstruation is normal, and it needs to be different from it. This problem has troubled me for a long time.Until one day, a female colleague came to the gynecological clinic to see a doctor. Seeing that I was clinic with the teacher, she looked awkward. I did not describe the medical history between the waiting. At that time, I murmured.The pulse, it is obvious that I feel that there is a nodule like a vesicles in the left ulnar, just like a bead, but there is no slippery pulse that moves forward with the pulse.What grows in the uterus, of course, get a series of white eyes, hahaha, think about it funny, the colleague said she was pregnant.Since then, a lot of pregnancy pulse has been touched. Most of the early pregnancy can be touched by similar pulses to summarize the characteristics of early pregnancy veins: left inch veins, fluent in the pulse, a cystic knot appears in the left ulnal vein, and a cystic knot appears in the left large vein.Festival.

The pulse of the three months of pregnancy: "Pulse slippery, those who are scattered with hand, the fetus is already in March," "Slide is not dispersed, and the fetus must be March.""Disposal" and "not scattered" refers to fluent in the lower pulse, and the pulse rate is relatively fast. As for increasing the energy, the ancient books are not consistent.Essence

The pulse of the five months: "The pulse is not scattered, but the person who is not slippery is also in May."The feeling of walking beads gradually weakened, and it is still this pulse, and there is no change in pulse.

The pulse that is about to produce is about to produce: "Women are pregnant and leave, their pulses are floating, and abdominal pain leads to the waist spine.

The pulse of men and women:

"The left disease is a man, the right disease is a female", the left hand vein is the master, and the right hand vein is the main woman.This identification method has been verified in clinical verification, and the accuracy is not very high. With the changes in the age of the month, the mood of pregnant women will often have completely opposite left and right diseases.

"The left hand is sinking into a male, and the right hand is floating as a female. The left and right hands are heavy, and the two men are born with two men.Insufficient.

"The ruler pulse is large as a male, and the right is large as a female, and the left and right are big. The big one is the two sons.The accuracy rate is very high.If you can cooperate with the more mysterious methods below, the accuracy rate can be greatly improved: "Sending pregnancy people south, and they are still calling for it., The husband said from the back, looking back on the left is a male, and the right back is a female. "

The clinical methods have been verified. For reference, the accuracy rate is quite high.However, there is a way to distinguish between men and women alone. I will be more accurate by repeated verification.The pointed belly is like a male at the bottom of the pot (the kind of pot used in the rural stove).

As for the people, there are many other ways to identify, each has its own advantages. If you are interested, you can collect it, which is also very interesting.

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