How big is "abortion" to uterine damage?This scarred strawberry tells you, distressed women

A joke said: Now looking for a pure girl, go to kindergarten to find it.Primary school students have begun to talk about impure love.It is indeed that modern people are under pressure, and the relationship between the sexes is relatively open.Women are more disadvantaged in gender relations.

Related data show that in recent years, there are more than 9 million artificial abortion in my country in recent years, and they are too old and unprecedented women.

A friend of Jing Jing is an obstetrician and gynecologist. He said that after the National Day holiday, the National Day holiday is still the peak season after Valentine’s Day.And most of them are students.Some students even said: Hurry up, do I have to go out to do homework after finishing the operation?These girls think that the flow of people is as if the flow of people is accidentally cutting a knife, and the scars are fine, and there is no need to hurt.And I also saw a lot of small advertisements on the electric pole, I felt that there was still a painless abortion now, which was a thing of sleeping.

What kind of harm will the flow of people cause our body?Mother Jing uses a strawberry to explain to the women:

In fact, there are two ways of abortion.It is the curettage we say, and more than 49 days will be scratching.

If you accidentally get pregnant and don’t want it, then our uterus is like a strawberry.

First use the probe to control the direction and depth of the uterine cavity, choose a straw according to the size of the uterine cavity, and then use the straw into it to connect the negative pressure device.First suck the embryo.

After sucking the embryo tissue, use the small scrape to use the bottom of the palace and the corners of the palace on both sides to see if it is clean.After seeing strawberries, some uterine endometrium will be clear. After all, the fetus is already in bed, and the fetus must be uprooted.The juice flowing out of strawberries is like the endometrium of a woman’s injured uterine.

Cut the strawberry to see the scar inside.Just like the endometrium of the uterus that we flow through the uterus, we may not see if a woman has done an abortion from the outside, but the pain of the uterus knows.

If you still don’t know much, you can compare it with the strawberries that are often cut, one is a hundred holes, and the other is complete.

For example, a youthful beautiful girl who has never grown acne, and a girl of a girl who is constantly young and acne is very big.Netizens saw that they felt painful across the screen. Women who had miscarriage said: In the next life, they will not be women.

1. Breeding or uterine perforation

Especially some women who have only been aborted during the big month, because the fetus is deep in bed, at this time, the negative pressure required will be larger, so it may occur because it is not treated with major bleeding.

Some small clinics dare to do the abortion of Xiaoyue, and the dare to do it in the big month is that they will be afraid of major bleeding.

And some women do not want it after repeated pregnancy. Repeated abortion and repeated curetts, just like the strawberry repeatedly scraped it with a scraper, it will definitely cause a hole from the inside out.The endometrium also has a bottom line, and the uterus can always cause uterine perforation.

2. Flowing syndrome

Some women will have nausea and vomiting, fast or slow heartbeat, pale or even sweaty, and so on.Even the symptoms of blood pressure decreased, fainting and other vagus nerves.

3. Impact the probability of pregnancy in the future

After the flow of people, it is easy to cause the endometrium to become thinner, especially for women with multiple abortion, it is easy to cause the endometrium to be too thin.The little embryo thought of the uterus in bed because there was too little soil, and there was no way to take root.

It is difficult to succeed in this woman who wants to be a test tube baby, because the baby will eventually go to the uterus and go to bed, and it will be in vain.Mother Jing has seen many women who can’t be pregnant because of many abortion endometrium.

4. Cause acute or chronic gynecological inflammation

Acute cervicitis or pelvic inflammatory disease may occur during the flow of people.When people flow, they should expand the cervix, and women flowing are more likely to cause cervicitis.

When I went to see the doctor two days ago, I heard that the doctor said during a maternal examination for a patient: The uterus and the attachment have been inflamed, and acute pelvic inflammation must be hospitalized.Essence

1. Understand the physiological characteristics of women and understand the damage of people flow

Many young women have no consciousness, and they don’t even think of the flow of people. They always think that they are young and invincible, and if we know more about the characteristics of women’s uterus and understand the harm of the flow of people to the body, then there is one more to ourselves.Protect.

Parents can also explain their knowledge to their children during their adolescence and let their children learn to love themselves.

2. Understanding the knowledge of contraception

Many girls are convinced that the safety period of contraception, and she is not particularly considered a safe period, or irregular menstruation.

So the best contraceptive method is to use reliable condoms.

3. Prepare pregnancy

If you want to get pregnant, you need to take a good job of pregnancy, and you should check it. The toner supplement acid must be supplemented by folic acid.Children are naturally healthy.

Mother Jing’s message: Our women’s uterus is an important organ that bred human beings. Don’t let you lose the right to mother because of ignorance and indifference.May every child be born healthy and get the favor of his parents.

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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