How can a mother who is safe for cesarean section requires two children?Listen to what the experts say

With the full release of the two -child policy, more and more families hope to add more new Ding.However, many families do not know that the scar left by cesarean section to the uterus may bring risks to pregnancy and childbirth.The uterus that has been made of cesarean section is like a house with cracks. As the fetal volume is getting larger and larger, it may support the "house" and cause the uterus to country is one of the countries with the highest production rate in the world, and the scar uterus has become a severe problem that tens of millions of Chinese mothers and medical institutions cannot avoid.

During pregnancy, the placenta is an organ that supplies fetal nutrients. If the placenta is attached to the scar, due to the weak uterine muscle layer, in order to obtain more nutrition, the placenta will grow into the muscle layer to form placenta implantation. It may cause pregnant women during delivery.Bleeding is more serious to endanger life, so women with scars on the uterus should be more careful.

Studies abroad recommend that at least 6 months after cesarean section can be pregnant again.Many doctors in China are more cautious, thinking that it is safer to get pregnant again after at least 2 years after the cesarean section is given.First, considering the recovery of the uterine scar itself, it is recommended to breastfeed after gardening for maternity. Pure breast milk is fed for half a year, and then mixed with feeding to two years after giving birth.Therefore, from the perspective of physical recovery and breeding interval, the two -year interval is the best.

If the first tire is cesarean, is the second child also need to be cesarean?In fact, this mainly depends on the surgical indicator of the first cesarean section. If the first time you have a narrow pelvic bone or malformations of pelvic bones, you may need to perform a cesarean section again.If the first cesarean section indicates the existence, the incision healing is better after the last operation, and the vagina can be tried.

In addition, the doctor reminded that it is best to evaluate before pregnancy to see the recovery of uterine scars. If the examination of the uterine incision scar is thin or the muscle layer is interrupted, the incision is poorly healed. Be careful to consider two children.

If the elderly mother is not good, don’t conceive blindly.With the increase of age, the chance of suffering from chronic diseases is also increasing, and the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other diseases during pregnancy has also greatly increased.

For women who are old and have chronic diseases, the disease should be evaluated before preparing for pregnancy. If the disease is in a relatively serious stage, the basic disease must be controlled under the guidance of a specialist.Hurry up, blindly conceive without any pre -pregnancy preparation, let alone stop the drug because of finding pregnancy.

This article is scientifically controlled by Professor Yang Huixia, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and Doctoral instructor of Peking University.

(Responsible editor: Wang Minghao (intern), Zhang Xi)

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