How can a pregnant woman want to divorce?Come and listen to what the lawyer says

Xiaohong has always been washing her face with tears recently. It turned out that she was pregnant for five months, but her husband was not allowed to be home every day.Raising by himself, but the man did not want to divorce because he did not want to divide the property.Xiao Hong was at a loss, and felt that he was suffering from his own loss, so he consulted the lawyer.

The lawyer is very patient, and analyzes it from the perspective of a small red

1. As a expectant mother, take care of the body and the child the most important. If Xiao Hong insists on divorce, the divorce time is best delayed. In view of Xiaohong is now pregnancy, even if the man wants to leave, Xiaohong does not want to leave.The man’s divorce appeal.

(There are relevant provisions in the Marriage Law that the woman will be affected in terms of work and life during pregnancy and one year after childbirth. The laws of Chinese legal provisions give legal protection for women in this special period.Can’t propose a divorce.)

2. Why delay?

① Think about it, even if Xiao Hong insists on divorce, but because of the problem of property division, Xiaohong can only sue divorce. This is a long process.

② Assuming that Xiao Hong can divorce now, then the man has no obligation to pay the woman’s living expenses. Although both parties have the obligation to pay the child’s support fee, Xiaohong from the child from the birth of the child to the kindergarten has no time to take time at home and have no time and no time and no time and no time.Going out to work, this has led her to have no source of economic sources. It is difficult to maintain the livelihood of the two people by relying on the child to support the child alone.

3. Therefore, the best way Xiaohong is now divorced late. It is best to wait for the child to go to kindergarten at the age of two or three years old. Xiaohong has time to go to work, and then consider divorce with the man.

The editor said two words: Marriage is the top priority of life. Both sides must be treated seriously and have a sense of responsibility. Once the relationship between the two parties breaks up, divorce disputes are always defeated, especially to sue divorce. If there is no lawyer’s assistance, the processing process is always sufferingIt’s long.

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