How can I easily relieve constipation during pregnancy?Try these little tricks

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Before pregnancy, the first thing after the morning start is to grab the toilet with her husband.

After pregnancy, you can still maintain the frequency of going to the toilet once every two or three days.But the later, the more difficult it is to go to the toilet, the longest five consecutive days …

I asked a lot of pregnant young sisters. Everyone had constipation during pregnancy, and everyone’s situation was different.

It took a long time since the initial unacceptable to accept it to now.Later, I kept asking others for help and wanted to find a way to relieve constipation.

Why is it easier to stool during pregnancy?

Basically everyone will be constipated, but the length of time is not the same.For a while, I feel that constipation is the normal physiological phenomenon of pregnant mothers.

It was later discovered that this was really the case, and constipation during pregnancy was normal.

After women are pregnant, the hormone level in the body will change. As the progesterone continues to increase, it will eventually affect the normal work of the stomach.

When the metabolism and exercise ability of the gastrointestinal and intestines become slower, its contraction ability will also deteriorate, and there will be constipation of different degrees of constipation.

In addition, imbalanced diet and bad living habits are also the two major reasons that lead to serious constipation of pregnant mothers.

Let’s talk about diet first. Many women will give priority to their baby’s nutritional problems after pregnancy.In order to provide more prerequisites for the development of the baby, the pregnant mothers are particularly serious in terms of food selection.Essence

Let ’s talk about living habits. After pregnancy, many women jumped into“ national treasure -level treasures ”. The family care carefully, for fear that she had an accident.More often, pregnant mothers are lying down and resting. The lack of exercise is too long, and it is easy to constipation.

The dangers of constipation during pregnancy are not small. We must pay attention to

When it is young, it will affect the health of the pregnant mother themselves. When going to the toilet, hemorrhoids are prone to occur.If it is too hard, there may be repeated anal fissure bleeding, and the consequences are quite serious;

In the big name, if the pregnant mother is constipated, it will also affect the health of the fetus.Especially when defecating forces, it is likely to cause contractions, causing the baby to have the risk of premature or abortion.

Another is that the risks hidden in the stomach are still quite risky.During childbirth, these feces may also affect the production speed of baby.

From this point of view, constipation during pregnancy is really not to be ignored. Whether it is for yourself or the baby, the harm is extremely high. You must find the relief method as soon as possible.

How to overcome constipation during pregnancy?These methods have been collected

1. After each meal, take the initiative to walk

Gastrointestinal metabolism is slow, then we find a way to accelerate the movement of the stomach.Passiveness is active. For pregnant mothers, it is not just a benefit to promote the stool.

After each meal, don’t rush to lie or sit, but walk properly.You can choose the right time according to your physical condition, not necessarily "long -distance trek".

Constipation is most likely to appear in the middle and late pregnancy. At this time, the stomach gradually becomes larger.

2. Be bowing habits, must be developed

It is said that the body is memory, so developing good bowel habits is also a way to relieve constipation.Every morning after the morning, whether there is any intention or not, go to the toilet and slowly wake up the body.

Of course, you can also choose the time after dinner.Usually after the morning and dinner, it is a period of active gastrointestinal work, which is easier to promote bowel movements.

Want to tell pregnant mothers: During the bowel movement, don’t be busy thinking, let alone playing with your mobile phone.Since it is defecation, then leave the time quietly to defecation, don’t do anything else.

3. Adjust the diet and promote gastrointestinal motility

It does require nutrition during pregnancy. It is not enough to eat high -protein or high -fat foods. It also requires the blessing of other nutrients, such as dietary fiber, vitamin, and so on.

The constipation situation shows that the previous eating habits are not particularly good, it is time to adjust.Re -arrange food, more abundant and diversified in the matching of ingredients.

Fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as all kinds of coarse grains, are essential.In addition, we must adhere to a small amount of meals. If you eat too much every meal, it is easy to accumulate and indigestion, which will cause constipation.

4. Sport blessing will be more effective

Movement during pregnancy is also indispensable.Many people say that pregnant mothers cannot exercise and feel that the risk of exercise is too high, especially in the third trimester.

In fact, you can exercise during pregnancy, provided that the right method and the right time.Regarding exercise, it is really not blind, after all, pregnant women are special periods.

Especially for the mother who wants to produce a baby, the exercise during pregnancy cannot be stopped, even if it only walks for 20 minutes a day, it is effective.

Written at the end: Constipation during pregnancy is really embarrassing.If you don’t want to happen to yourself and your baby, try these methods to relieve constipation, maybe you can work.

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