How can I not be "harmed" by eating pineapple "pouting"

It is the season when you can enjoy pineapple wildly. On the street fruit shops and mobile fruit cars, its sweet fragrance is scattered everywhere, which is irresistible!However, many people have experienced this kind of experience: Pineapple will be "people"!Not only will its coat and the crown on the head tie hands, but its flesh will also "pout"!Our oral cavity will be strongly stimulated, and the tingling, sourness, and itching of oral mucosa and gums will appear.What’s more, symptoms such as bleeding, inflammation, and redness around the lips around the mouth.This is why people often soak pineapple with salt water -reduce the intensity of its "pouting".

Why is pineapple "pouting"?

Because pineapple is too "smart". In order to prevent humans and other creatures eating it, it not only wore a thorn armor, but also ambushed three heavyweight weapons in the flesh –

First Weapon: Calcium oxalate needle crystal

Calcium oxalic acid needle crystals are the physical killing methods of pineapple. The calcium oxalate needle crystals wrapped in the pulp tissue cells under the microscope are like countless dense needles.They have a very powerful characteristic: difficulty in water.So it is not easy to be dissolved by our saliva!

When we chew pineapple meat meat, we will destroy the tissue cells of the flesh because of the cutting of the teeth. This is equivalent to opening the door that was originally locked in these invisible pointed needles.Once these sharp needles are released into the mouth, they will "tie" any touches of mucosa tissue.With our continuous and continuous chewing, calcium oxalic acid needle crystals can be "pushed into" our tongue, inner wall, throat, and gums, these soft and delicate, non -resistant parts.

The second weapon: pineapple protease

This enzyme can be extracted in pineapple flesh, peel, and even stems.The small partners who often cook must be no stranger to this enzyme, because it is an important "Party B" for tender meat powder.Common tender meat powder B is either papaya protease or pineapple protease.

Proteinase, as the name suggests, can break down protein.On the one hand, pineapple protease can activate the "PAR" protease "alert" in the oral epithelial cells and free nerve endings, which will wake up the nerve pathway that can cause itching after being activated.On the other hand, pineapple protease itself does destroy the protein of our oral mucosa -to achieve "cutting" the connection protein between cells and cells.

In this way, the defense network of oral mucosal cells is "relaxed" and the protection of barriers is weakened. It is more likely to give some pathogens a chance to cause inflammation or immune response.

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In fact, many fruits and vegetables contain calcium oxalate crystals and proteases at the same time, such as papaya, spinach, and figs.When we eat these fruits and vegetables, there will be no obvious sense of stimulation, because the calcium oxalate crystals contained in them are not needle -shaped, but an irregular form of oval or dumbbell -shaped, so it will not hurt our mouthMucous membrane.

But kiwi is an exception.Calcium oxalate in kiwi fruit is also needle, and kiwi also contains cysteine protein hydrolytic enzymes.Therefore, when we eat kiwi, we will encounter tingling sensation.Therefore, kiwi is also a fruit that can "eat people", but it is not as fierce as pineapple, maybe because its weapon is not as good as pineapple.

Third weapon: organic acid

The sour taste made by organic acids such as citric acid, glyphosate, and quinine acid in pineapple not only stimulates our taste sensor, but also stimulates the pain sense in the oral cavity.With the first two weapons of pineapple, the lethality is self -evident.

Severe the "killer" of pineapple

How many do you learn?

In order to overcome the killer of pineapple and make it obedient to become the deliciousness of human beings, we have summarized several stunts for us:

1. Soaking of salt water: This is the most common treatment method. It is said that it can "destroy pineapple protease".However, this principle is widely controversial and has no solution, because sodium chloride in salt is not heavy metal salt. It is reasonable to make protein degeneration. At best, it can be soaked in the flesh to dissolve a part of the flesh.The stimulating effect brought by acid.Furthermore, if you want to be a bit salty -a small amount of salty taste can increase the sense of taste buds of sweetness, so that we feel "wow! It’s sweet and beautiful!"

Of course, some people support salt to reduce pineapple protease activity, and tell us through laboratory research data: salt water of different concentrations can really improve the pineapple pouting problem to varying degrees.When the concentration of salt water increases significantly (from 0%to 3.5%to 7%and 10.5%), the activity of pineapple protease will gradually decrease.But what is the principle does not seem to be verified.

2. Chili and Silee: This is a classic way of eating in both Guangdong and Guangxi and Hainan.As for the pain made in the end, the pain made of spicy flavor overwhelmed the acupuncture of pineapple, or it was hard to say.I really look forward to some people can study this subject to solve my confusion.

3. Heating: As a kind of protein that is afraid of heat, pineapple proteases cannot continue to Yao Wuyang under high temperature conditions.When pineapple fruit meat is heated to more than 60 degrees Celsius, pineapple proteases will be lost, and calcium oxalicate needle crystals will also be dissolved to a certain extent.This is why pineapple flesh in pineapple gurgling meat, pineapple rice and other foods do not make us feel "beyond".However, after heating to this temperature, the brittle and cool taste of the flesh may be discounted, and interested friends can try it.

However, there must be some friends who refuse to heat pineapple, and they are too lazy to soak them with saline.So, how can we enjoy the deliciousness of pineapple while reducing the pain of full of mouth?The following two for reference-

1. Quick -speed decision: Don’t eat slowly for a long time, don’t give pineapple black weapons to fully kill your opportunity;

2. Rinse your mouth in time: After eating pineapple and rinse your mouth immediately, reduce the stay time of calcium oxalate needle crystal and pineapple protease in the mouth.If you are willing, you can rinse a few more times, and the effect will be better.Text/Liu Suiqian (popular science worker, clinical nutritionist, member of the Chinese Nutrition Society)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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