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During the epidemic, maternal women are special groups that require key protection and key groups of medical services.

How can pregnant women do a good job of protecting?What should I do if infected?A few days ago, the relevant experts of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism answered the health questions of maternal women cared for by the masses.

Question: Is pregnant women more likely to infect new coronal viruses than ordinary people?

Answer: From the perspective of the overall population, the infection rate of Omicong in the pregnant woman is close to the general population, and the type of symptoms appear close to the ordinary population.Overall, compared with ordinary people, infection will not have more impact on the health of pregnant women.

However, maternal mothers with high blood pressure and diabetes should strengthen self -protection and try to avoid infection.Women with a pregnancy plan are best to inoculate the new coronal virus vaccine before pregnancy, enhance their own immunity, and try to adjust their physical condition and then get pregnant.

Q: What are the symptoms of pregnant women infected with new coronal virus?Will pregnant women infection affect the fetus?

Answer: Judging from the domestic situation and international reports summarized by the National Quality Control Expert Group of the National Products, after the maternal maternal infection with the new crown virus, the general incidence, symptoms and duration are closer to the general population.Cough, sore throat, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, soreness, fever, very little severe, and the course of disease is basically 5-7 days.Maybe from the current situation, the virus strains of mutants in the south and the north are slightly different. The north is relatively dry, the weather is cold, and the condition is slightly heavy. However, the course of the disease is basically 5-7 days.For example, the original liver and kidney function is not good, or with hypertension and diabetes, these people should go to the doctor in time.

Will pregnant mothers infection with new coronal virus, will it be passed to the fetus?Because the mother has a very good protection barrier, it is almost not transmitted to the fetus.However, if it is after delivery, when mothers and babies are together, they should still pay attention to isolation. Moms are best to be separated or wear N95 masks with newborns in space.Can be breastfeed.

Question: What should I do if there is a infected person or a densely connected pregnant woman?How should pregnant women strengthen their own protection?

Answer: If you are infected with a pregnant woman, you do n’t need to panic if there are infections around. If the family has a infection, you should have a relative isolation as much as possible. Pay special attention to the same meal.The space where you usually live as much as possible.If a colleague appears positive, it is best to be able to work at home.If you must work in a space at the same time, pay attention to the ventilation of office space and wear the N95 mask.

For pregnant women, preventing infection is the most important.Keep two points and one line, go to public places as little as possible, no gatherings, no meals.Wear a mask and pay attention to hand hygiene.When you come back from the outside, you must wash your hands. Whether it is soapy water or alcohol disinfection.In addition, maintaining balanced nutrition, sufficient sleep, and positive attitude are very critical.

Maternal mothers go to the hospital for routine birth checkups, and make an appointment as much as possible. When you go to the hospital, you must pay more attention to the standardized wearing N95 masks while reducing the waiting time.Many obstetrics and gynecologists now have Internet online consultation and remote medical services. If there is a problem with maternal mothers, they can consult online.

Question: What should I do if there are symptoms of fever or dry cough in pregnant women?

Answer: When pregnant women have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, etc., nucleic acid testing or antigen detection can be performed.Regardless of whether it is infection or not, the measures that need to be taken are to drink plenty of water and physical cooling. Choose Chinese medicines that maternals can use to treat symptomatic symptomatic treatment.If you choose to reduce fever western medicine, the body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees Celsius, you can use acetaminophenol, which is relatively safe for maternal women.In particular, it is important to note that a single drug should be used to choose an antipyretic medicine, so as not to superimposed, so as to reduce possible liver and kidney damage.

For pregnant women, pay attention to three monitoring: one is body temperature, the other is heart rate, and the other is blood pressure.Pregnant women must have their own basic blood pressure monitoring. When abnormalities occur, they can be found early.In particular, the pregnant women in the third trimester should also pay attention to the monitoring of fetal movement. They can be monitored for 1 hour per day in the third trimester, with fetal movements more than 3 times per hour.If it continues to fever for more than 3 days, the use of antipyretics does not improve, or the fetal movement disappears, chest pain, chest tightness, abdominal pain, etc. should be contacted in time to help the delivery institution in time to see the treatment in time.

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