How can women with high blood sugar be treated and diet reasonably after pregnancy?

Before talking about how to eat reasonably, I will share with you a case of my admission patient:

In order to control blood sugar, a pregnant mother does not eat staple food and only eats food, which causes positive urine ketone.The pregnant mother thought it was positive for urine ketone caused by the alarm in the morning for too long in the morning. I communicated with the patient with unreasonable diet and suggested that the patient measured the urinary ketone body again 2 hours after a meal. The result was still positive.

Obviously, such a diet is very unscientific.Moreover, many pregnant mothers with high blood sugar do this.Here I want to say that ketone bodies are harmful to both babies and pregnant mothers.

So what we have to do is to adjust blood sugar under the premise of ensuring nutritional equilibrium.In this way, it can give birth to a healthy baby, and it is also good for repairing themselves.

So how do we eat reasonably?

1. Early pregnancy energy should ensure no less than 1500kcal/d, and not less than 1800kcal/d in the third trimester.Generally, it is advisable to control at 1800-2200kcal daily in the middle and late pregnancy.

2. The energy supply than 50%-60%of carbohydrates is appropriate. The daily carbohydrates are not less than 150g.

3. The protein supply ratio is 15%-20%.

4. The fat supply ratio is 25%-30%.Diabetes pregnant women’s saturated fatty acid intake should not exceed 7%of the total intake; while monounsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil and mountain tea oil should account for more than 1/3 of the fat energy supply.

Here, give pregnant mothers a tip to control postprandial blood sugar:

Eat the staple food or fruit with happy fruit can delay the absorption of sugar in the body, which is conducive to the control of blood sugar in patients with diabetic patients.

A study at the University of Toronto observed that: Compared with pure eating white bread, the blood sugar changes within 3 hours after eating happy fruit are more stable.However, for the sugar mothers during pregnancy, in the case of intake of the same heat, the increase in blood sugar after meals eating happy fruit after meals is far less than pregnant women who eat whole wheat bread.However, it is recommended to consume about 10 grams of happy fruit per day. After all, happy fruit also contains a lot of oil, and too much intake is not good.

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