How can you have a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother should pay attention

Pregnancy is the happiest moment of a woman, but if you don’t pay attention, you will make the incident tragedy.In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is still in a very unstable period, and pregnant women should be more careful.In addition to some diseases in the early stages of pregnancy, some diseases are likely to cause abortion, and expectant mothers may cause abortion in some living habits and eating habits during pregnancy.How is it easy to have a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy, let’s take a look together.

How to miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy

1. Age:

Babies with elderly women are more prone to chromosomal abnormalities, resulting in abortion.

2. Genetic genetic defects:

Either chromosomal abnormalities can be passed on behalf of either party, and 50%to 60%of the embryos with abnormal chromosomes occur early.

3. Systemic disease:

During pregnancy, suffering from systemic infections and high fever can cause uterine contraction and cause abortion.

4. The problem of uterus and cervix:

Uterine malformations (such as uterine dysplasia, twin uterus, uterine mediastinum, etc.), uterine tumors can affect embryo bed and development and cause abortion.The severe cervix, severe cervix and relaxation of the cervical inner mouth cause the fetal membrane prematurely and the late natural abortion occurs.

5. There is a history of birth defects or genetic diseases:

Babies who have had birth defects, or have a family genetic disease history.

6. Some infectious diseases:

Studies have found that if pregnant women suffer from Listor’s disease, epidemic mumps, rubella, measles, giant cell virus infections, small virus infections, gonorrhea, AIDS virus infection or other infectious diseases, the risk of abortion will increase.

7, bad habits:

Excessive smoking, alcoholism, and drinking coffee can cause miscarriage.

8. Immune function is abnormal:

Pregnancy is similar to the same kind of album transplantation, and the embryo and the mother have complex and special immunology relationships, making the embryo from being excluded.If the maternal immunization is not adapted, it can cause the mother to reject the embryo and cause miscarriage.

9. In contact with toxins:

In contact with some chemicals such as lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, benzene, oxide, and a large amount of radiation or inhalation of anesthesia, they will increase the chance of miscarriage.

10, trauma stimulus:

Severe shock, uterine trauma (such as surgery, direct impact, excessive sexual intercourse) can also lead to miscarriage; mental trauma such as excessive tension, anxiety, fear, and sadness also causes miscarriage.

11. Speed mood changes:

The emotions of pregnant women have been stimulated, excessive sadness, frightening, fear, and excessive emotional excitement, which can cause environmental disorders in the pregnant woman’s physical body, and cause uterine contraction and abortion.

12. Embryo development:

Abnormal pregnancy is the main cause of early abortion. Among the abortion of 8 weeks of pregnancy, about 80%of them are due to some defects of sperm and eggs, which causes embryonic development to a certain extent. Therefore, this abortion excretion is excretedIn things, the original embryo tissue cannot be seen.

Precautions for diet in early pregnancy

Do not increase calories in early pregnancy, and take the same amount as ingot.What is important during this period is to consume high -quality protein and calcium nutrition.In addition, in order to alleviate pregnancy, eating more salad and drinking juice will help.

1. Fully intake of high -quality nutrition:

Specific mothers must take 150 calories than adult women a day.The extra calories are equivalent to half a bowl of rice. It is important that the nutrients in food should be average, so that it is an excellent diet.The intake of protein needs to be increased to 75 grams, and you need to pay attention to intake every day.Protein must be taken from early pregnancy to late stages, because the development of fetal, placenta, uterus, breasts, etc. requires a lot of protein. If it is a vegetarian, you must find a way to add.

2. Nutritional countermeasures to relieve pregnancy vomiting:

At the beginning of pregnancy, the digestion becomes poor, and foods that can cause appetite can be eaten, but don’t eat too much at a time. It is better to eat a small amount.Especially when you get up or on an empty stomach in the morning, your pregnancy will be more serious, so do not have an empty stomach, eat some simple biscuits or toast.Afraid of smelling the taste of food, when you dare not approach the food, cold food tastes less than hot food, and it is easier to enter.Mainly light and sour foods, cold tofu, cold noodles, jelly, salads, etc., even if the pregnancy is severe, it can be eaten without burden.If you drink too much water, the gastrointestinal machine will weaken, and the pregnancy will be more serious, so it is best to drink a small amount of ice water, or use a little ice to quench thirst.

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