How did the doctor find "Xixi"?After watching the pregnant mother, you can also try to touch it

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In the costume TV series, the doctor will judge whether women are pregnant through the pulse. If they find "Xiyi", they will tell her husband: "Congratulations, your wife is happy."Many people have many questions about this: Can the number pulse really judge whether they are pregnant?Does "Xisai" really exist?

In fact, "Xisai" really exists, and the doctor can indeed judge whether the woman is pregnant by judging the pulse.This is a method of diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine pays attention to "looking, smelling, asking, and cutting". The behavior of the number pulse is "cut".So, how did the doctor touch the "happy pulse"?

How to touch "Xisai"

In the process of "Xisai" to female friends, three fingers need to be used, namely index finger, middle finger and ring finger.If the three fingers are placed at the veins of the wrist joint, you can feel the pulse beating, which is pregnancy.And after the pulse, doctors often ask women if they have nausea and vomiting. If women answered "yes", they can basically be sure that they are happy.Pregnant mothers may wish to try it by themselves to see if you can find the joy?

Although you can self -test through the above method, after all, it is not a professionals, so helping mothers still recommend going to the hospital for a more detailed diagnosis.Do n’t call the “happy veins” and do n’t pay attention to the production inspection. This is a very ridiculous behavior.So, why has it been emphasized the importance of the checkup?

1. You can understand the state of the fetus bed in the early pregnancy test

We all know that early pregnancy is important for the entire pregnancy process, because it is about whether the fetus can grow up healthily.In addition, the unstable fetal development in the early pregnancy and various problems are prone to occur. Therefore, the checkup is particularly important. It can timely discover and solve the problem and escort the healthy growth of the baby.

2. Periodic checkup can detect whether there is an ectopic pregnancy in a timely manner

Ectopic pregnancy is a tricky thing, and the situation is very dangerous.Regular check -up can help you recognize your physical condition. Even if you detect ectopic pregnancy, doctors can take countermeasures as soon as possible to minimize the harm.

3. Can find some basic diseases in time

Some pregnant women will experience some other basic disease syndrome during pregnancy, such as: gestational diabetes, hypertension during pregnancy, etc., regular checkup can be detected in time. If necessaryRelieve pain.

Each pregnant woman must develop a good habit of regular physical examination. This is not only good for the fetus, but also a lot and no harm to themselves. Don’t wait until the problem is wrong.

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