How did you find that you are pregnant?Netizen: My girlfriend dreams of my pregnancy.

It’s really hard to say such things as pregnancy.Some people have become pregnant inadvertently, and many people have exhausted their efforts and failed.For many women who do not want to have children, I really do n’t know when I am pregnant.Many people think they are sick.Who knows that I found that I was pregnant when I went to the hospital for examination.

How did you find that you are pregnant?The sharing of netizens below is there any experience similar to you!

1. I dreamed that a big python was entangled on my body.

2. A girlfriend suddenly called me one day and said: Dreaming of having a son.I said, I did not use the second child.Who knows that after two days, he starts to vomit. He has a loss of appetite. As soon as he measured, he was really pregnant.Later, he was born as a son.Now, my girlfriend is my child’s aunt.

3. I was pregnant in the second month of my marriage. At that time, my stomach was often painful at the time of menstrual period. I thought it was painful and took medicine!I went to the hospital for a few days to check my pregnancy!But it didn’t take long before it dropped!If you pay attention at that time, the children are now several years old

4. I think I am a dead type, a cold, and I thought about being pregnant for a moment. When the doctor prescribed the medicine, I also wanted to say that after taking the medicine for a few days, I took a small needle, and I drank Chuan again.Bei criticized it, and then the moon passed, thinking that he was postponed and drank red flowers again. After a few days, he walked to the gate of the pharmacy door to buy a pregnancy test stick. When he went to the hospital, he cried and died.Very healthy and lively, I have to treat my son well, thank you for not abandoning me

5. The menstruation is not coming for almost a year. During the period, I took medicine for all kinds of medicine. I became pregnant after a menstrual period I was taken. I thought it was abnormal. I took the medicine again.One month, the doctor said she was very good and decided to name it strong

6. I feel that I am pregnant a week in advance. I tried the test strips for four or five days. They were all a bars. I stopped two days and finally tried two bars. At that time, everyone did not believe that I was pregnant, but I wasI feel like I have a baby in my belly

7. I was a month before pregnancy. I was extended during menstruation and a cold. After taking a cold medicine for a few days, my stomach hurts when I was pregnant in the month of pregnancy.I said that when menstruation came to eat, after a few days, the pain never relieved, so I used the test strip to test it, and I was pregnant. I immediately went to the hospital for examination and said that it was low.Preparation of pregnancy has an impact on the child before, and my husband has always comforted me, saying that if the baby is not developing well, he will not accompany me for so long. Now it is two months.[Thanks]

8. I was preparing for three months of pregnancy and planned to calculate the ovulation period when I was pregnant. As a result, I went to the hospital for blood testing on the ninth day of the same room. The doctor said that I was not pregnant.I still did not give up. Later, I was tested at home three days before my example. My colleagues said that I am too godly. Now my baby is 46 days and will check tomorrow. I hope everything goes well.

9. I don’t know the first one. I don’t dare to follow X -rays. Otherwise, I am 6 years old, sorry, baby

10, the second child, I said in the office when I was at work, I wanted to eat this, I wanted to eat that, and I wanted to eat a lot. My colleague said that you are pregnant.I also said, last month, there are still a few days to get the holiday time. I come back from get off work to buy a test paper, two bars

The most unfortunate is the ninth. Due to the lack of corresponding experience, hey, a good life is useless!

How did you find that you are pregnant?Welcome to share a message.

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