How difficult is the life of the left -hander?Are they really smarter than ordinary people?After reading the raising knowledge!

When the vegetables are sandwiched, the chopsticks are fighting with others. What is the persecution of the left -handed people with scissors?Is the left -hander born?What will happen to the right -hander forcibly?

According to statistics, about 6%-13%of people in the world are left-handed, and there are about 80 million left-hander in China.But when we carefully recall the students, few people in the class use their left hand to write with their left hand. Why is this?According to Xiao V, some people will be beaten because they use their left hand, and they are beaten as right -hand writing.In life, most left -handed people will encounter the following difficulties from life.

1. Just after writing, the ink is easy to split the characters by yourself, and the left -handed writing is pushed out of the word, which is easier to wear the pen tip. The coil is the enemy of the left -hander’s life.

2. When eating with friends, you must sit on the opposite side or go away, otherwise the chopsticks will be easy to fight.

3. There are watches on the right hand, but the button for adjusting the time is on the right. It is inconvenient to adjust with the left hand.

3. The mouse of the computer cannot be changed, and I can’t wait to smash the mouse.

3. Learn violin, guitar and other musical instruments, and buy left -handers dedicated.

4. When taking the subway, it is easy to swipe your own card and let others enter the station.

5. Do not cut things with scissors. This is because most of the scissors are designed for the right hand. When cutting things with the right hand, the two blades of the scissors will be closer, which is easier to cut the shear definition.Scissors will keep the blade away from each other, and it is more difficult to cut things.In addition, the left -hander has been criticized for a long time in the past.

Is the left -hander smarter than ordinary people?

In fact, as early as 100 years ago, the left -handed people were once regarded as a physiological defect.Europeans in the Middle Ages even regarded left -handers as disabled.Some people simply said that left -handed people are eating and intelligence.The father of modern crime, Cat Sale, also pointed out that left -handed people are more likely to be mentally abnormal or become criminals.

However, in the next 20 years, a study at the University of Athens overturned the left -handed man. It also proved that the left -hander’s research in some aspects had excellent performance.They selected 100 college students, each of them took half of their left and right skimmers, and conducted a cognitive ability test on them. The results showed that the left -handed space imagination ability was stronger than the right -handed man.

Experts explained that this is because the left and right brains of the person have cross -control the body.The left brain is generally called a rational hemisphere and is responsible for logical thinking. The right brain is called the art hemisphere. It is in charge of image thinking. It is more creative in terms of processing spatial relationship, language and emotion.

And many celebrities in history, such as Da Vinci, Beethoven, Bill Gates, Chaplin and others are left -handed.In terms of music, painting and other arts, it has higher achievements.However, an example does not represent all left -handers, so is the left -handed people smarter than ordinary people, and it must be analyzed in detail.According to your observation, the left -handed leftman around you is more stupid or smarter than ordinary people?

How did the left -hander come from?How terrible is the consequences?

The cause of the left -hander has not made a clear conclusion so far.The left -handed people also have congenital and acquired. For example, patients who cannot be used for a long time in the right hand will slowly train themselves into left -handers. The most typical example is Yang Guo.As for the innate left -handed left -handed, what affects the biggest factor, and the academic people also have their own words.

The first is genetic legends. According to statistics, the parents are all left -handed families. The probability of children is 50%of the left -hander, while the parents are all right -handed families. The probability of the children is only 2%.Essence

The second is to raise your hand and say, that is, after 13 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus sucks the left thumb in the stomach or the right thumb of the right hand.The results showed that about 90%of the fetus prefers to suck the thumb in the right, and only 10%prefer to suck the left thumb, which is consistent with the number of left -handed people in the world.

The third is the age of age. Some studies believe that the child who is more than 40 years old is the probability of a left -handed child. It is 28%higher than that of pregnant women under the age of 30. What kind of statement do you think is more reliable?

In the last question, is the natural left -hander changed to a right -handed man?Brother V’s personal opinion is that it is possible, but not necessary. Many left -handed people were forced by their parents and teachers when they were young. They forcibly asked to use their right hand to write chopsticks to successfully adapt to the world of the right -handed man.However, if you are forced to adapt, you may change your child’s advantage in your brain load. If the language center is chaotic, eating, singing and running, you will also hurt your child’s weak heart. What do you think about this?

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