How do Moms know that they are pregnant?Women’s intuition still reminds people around?

At the beginning of the year, there was a news that a woman was born on the day of her girlfriend’s wedding. She didn’t know she was pregnant at all!After I went to the hospital for examination, I knew that my baby was 35 weeks!Because of the irregular menstruation and no pregnancy reaction, she always thought that the slightly convex belly was fat.

I have to say that this mother is really careless. Fortunately, the baby is fine.

However, after pregnancy, it is good for the baby to find it in time. Some pregnant women can also know early.If the baby is not born because of a negligence, he may regret it for a lifetime.

How do the mothers find that they are pregnant?

Xiaoyuan Xiaoyuan discovered it by a friend. Xiaoyuan was a foodie. Before pregnancy, he almost did not refuse to come to the food.Suddenly one day, she found that she became picky. She didn’t want to eat it before, as if she was full, and at the same time she became more like spicy food.I feel that I do n’t sleep enough every day, and I do n’t know how to make it.

Xiaoyuan’s friend has a daughter. After finding Xiaoyuan’s condition, she asked: Are you pregnant?Xiaoyuan was stunned. She didn’t expect that there was such a situation. After two days, she went to the hospital for a examination for two months.The family was happy.

For half a month of pregnancy with my mother, she said that I was pregnant. At first I did n’t believe it. I bought a test paper and bought a test paper by the way.Come and take care of me.

It seems that there are really a lot of confused mothers. Many novice mothers have no experience. The onlookers are clear, and some "coming people" are easier to judge.

I knew that one week before pregnancy, I drank a bottle of red wine with my husband, and then I had been dizzy. I was fainted for almost a week. I told my husband, did you buy fake wine?Why are I always dizzy?My husband said, do you think I am not dizzy, are you pregnant?Then I bought the test strip and took a look. This is really the case.

With a woman’s intuition, knowing that she is pregnant

From the beginning, I felt that I was pregnant. I went shopping with my mother -in -law for almost half a month.But the baby was too naughty. It was only tested in two months, and his dad couldn’t sleep with a smile.

I didn’t find it much, but I was sure that I was pregnant, and then this taboo is not eaten.Wait for a few days before the holiday to buy a test, sure enough.Women’s intuition is terrible.

Suddenly one day I particularly wanted to eat sour noodles. When I thought of the sour noodles, I felt that I was pregnant and a boy at the moment of swallowing water.Sure enough.

In addition, some mothers have learned about their pregnancy through the dream of fetal dreams. For details, you can poke this article ~ I find that there is a sign before pregnancy?Is it the sixth feeling of the fetus or the sixth sense of?

With the improvement of science and technology, pregnancy testing technology has also increased. Common B -ultrasound, urine test, blood test, pregnancy test stick, and early pregnancy test strip can be detected.Among them, the pregnancy test stick and early pregnancy test strip operation is simple and fast, but there is a certain error rate.The relatively accurate methods of B -ultrasound, blood testing, urine testing and other methods of hospitals are guaranteed.

Generally, women suspect that they can first test themselves 1-2 times at home. If they are all positive, it is recommended to go to the hospital for regular pregnancy testing items to determine as soon as possible.If the detection is negative, but the menstrual delay is more than 2 weeks, it is recommended to check the specific reasons to avoid delaying the timing of treatment.

According to experience, we know that the physical condition of pregnant women is different, and the pregnancy response during pregnancy is different.For example, some people show strong pregnancy, but some are not obvious.Therefore, the performance of early pregnancy has individual differences.

But in general, the following symptoms are relatively basic:

1. Mentalomy

Memoral discontinuation is the most important "indicator" for women and women.For women who have normal menstruation, if menstruation is delayed for more than 7-10 days, it is necessary to consider whether to get pregnant.If necessary, go to the hospital for examination.

2. tiredness

Women who are pregnant are generally prone to sleepy and always want to sleep, and they are extremely lethargic.I just got up in the morning and had breakfast and wanted to sleep again.In addition, pregnant women will feel weak and tired.

3. Nausea, vomiting

Generally, women who are pregnant will experience nausea and vomiting, excessive saliva secretion, and loss of appetite after 6 weeks of pregnancy.Most of the vomiting occur in the morning or on an empty stomach, and some pregnant women prefer acidic or cold foods during this period.Generally, the nausea and vomiting of pregnant women will disappear after 11-12 weeks of pregnancy.However, the duration of a few pregnant women’s early pregnancy reactions is relatively long.

4. Breast tenderness

After pregnancy, due to the interaction of estrogen androgen, some physiological changes occur in the breast, such as breast tenderness, expansion and itching sensation.At the same time, the nipples will be significantly protruding outward, the color of the areola becomes darker, and the intravenous veins under the breast are more prominent.

5. Substitute of appetite

During pregnancy, women generally have a reaction of vomiting and nausea. This reaction often affects appetite and causes loss of appetite.These are normal reactions during pregnancy.However, long -term loss of appetite may lead to insufficient nutritional intake, which will hurt the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women can choose some foods that attract visual senses, light taste, rich nutrition, and easy to absorb, such as cucumber, tomatoes, apples, etc.Of course, the most important thing is in line with the taste of pregnant women.

6. headache

Indexes such as blood pressure, endocrine hormones during pregnancy have changed, and these will affect the circulation of blood in the brain to a certain extent. Therefore, headaches will occur during pregnancy.When a headache occurs during pregnancy, it is recommended to ensure sufficient sleep every day.

I wish everyone a good pregnancy ~

How do you find that you are pregnant?Welcome to leave a message to discuss with us ~

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