How do you all know you are pregnant?The degree of excitement is no less than the TV series …

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Pregnancy is a very magical thing, especially in life is far more dramatic than TV series.Maybe everyone will not be unfamiliar with such a picture: a normal family dinner, a normal dish, but a sudden retching, the family unconsciously said, "Isn’t it pregnant?" Yes!It’s really pregnant!IntersectionThe TV series fixed pregnancy template, but who knows that it has changed in life, let’s take a look if you don’t believe it!

@: The aunt has always been super regular. Once one day, I told my husband that I was pregnant. He said it was normal. GeneralAfter that, we accompanied us with a baby and a hard -working husband for a month.

@: Even after 4 days of dreams, colleagues and friends are unbelievable, but just dreaming of a little boy chatting with me, and then he became pregnant naturally, and he gave birth to a boy.ah!

@: I do n’t know why I feel that I am pregnant, and then I bought a test paper and found a bar, but there was a giant on the side. I also gave it to my husband to ask him if he was pregnant.This is the case without pregnancy … Then the more I thought, the more wrong, I secretly went to the hospital to check it, and came back and scolded my husband for a meal!

@小: When I was pregnant, I do n’t know, then go out to play, riding the bike, and find bleeding. I thought the aunt was coming.I don’t know how to buy a pregnancy test stick.

@: Mine is amazing. I will accompany my friends to fortune -telling for less than a year when I get married. As a result, I just sat down. People told me that you were pregnant … I started to be embarrassing, but I did n’t feel good about it a week later.Forget it, it’s a loss!

@: I do n’t know when it starts, the taste has changed completely, it becomes spicy, I like to eat burgers, and I ’m almost the same as my husband’ s taste … Then my husband said, you will not be transmitted by me, right?In an instant get to get pregnant, the test is really!

@AZA: The pancakes I ate that day thought that eating the stomach is uncomfortable, and the menstruation was almost late for almost a week. Let my husband take me to check the next day. As a result, I learned that I was pregnant.Then, then

@: I have been preparing for pregnancy, but there is no movement. After some psychological struggle, my husband said, "Let’s let it go in the future. In fact, we can enjoy the two -person world without children." SoWhen you go out to play, the child is here …

In the end, do sisters have any interesting experiences?Do you remember how do you know that you are pregnant?Intersection

"This original content, no platform is not allowed to be reproduced without authorization, it must be investigated illegal"

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