How do you find that you are pregnant?

One day I especially wanted to eat sesame cakes. I didn’t think of it. I could n’t sleep without eating. I wrapped my roommate to accompany me to find a sesame cake. Finally, I bought Huangshan sesame cakes and ate six to satisfy in one breath.As a result, nausea was nauseous in the middle of the night, and I couldn’t sleep well all night.The next day, I felt that I had a stomach with a pancake. I went to complain to my boyfriend. I said, and suddenly joked that I was pregnant.After another day, the boyfriend sent a test paper. After a test, he really hugged me for several laps.

Unfortunately, the child didn’t want it, and he didn’t marry me.

After buying the supper, I took a pair of chopsticks, and went home to open and found that there were three. When I got such a big time, I got such chopsticks for the first time. I joked and told my husband.Let ’s! Because I tested the previous week, did n’t, I did n’t take it anymore. The next day I took the subway to dizzy the subway, I wanted to vomit! On the morning of the third day, I wanted to test it. I did n’t expect that I was really pregnant.

After twice, I will have breast pain for more than ten days before menstruation. The first time I thought it was normal before menstruation, because I usually had pain before menstruation. The second time I was pregnant.I feel that I won’t be pregnant, and the result is really.

Breeding, there are still two days of my aunt. For the first time, I felt my chest rising, and it felt like a milk. I got up early and wanted to vomit. There was no appetite. I always knew that I waspregnant.EssenceEssence

In addition, it’s the second child.

The boyfriend’s family proposes to have a short trip on the weekend (about 300 kilometers) My boyfriend said that it is troublesome to drive for so long

His grandmother came, "Why can’t I do a long -distance car?"

I doubt the skepticism on the surface when I said it was unknown.

The next day I don’t have to test it. I basically confirm that I am pregnant

Because I have poured a few bottles of water in a few hours, I can’t drink half a bottle in a day.

As soon as I sit on a chair, I want to open my legs on the back of the chair. I wondered, why do I sit so, I am not a pregnant woman … I am a pregnant woman’s posture when I walk.Mowing

Two days later, the pregnancy test stick was tested.I finally know that the safety period will also be pregnant!

My grandfather died. When I was defending the spirit, I looked boringly and looked at it. I saw a piece of paper like a rune posted on the corner. It probably meant that there were a few zodiac people and pregnant women who had a zodiac sign that day.I stared at the two words of pregnant women and didn’t know why I was particularly touched. I couldn’t say that I couldn’t get up. When I went home to buy a pregnancy test stick, I was pregnant.

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