How do you find that you are pregnant?These "reminders" of babies, mothers don’t take it seriously

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Marriage and having children are a process that each of us needs to go through, and a milestone on the road of our lives, which means the change of our identity, and the responsibility on the shoulders is heavier.

In the past, boys and girls got married earlier. At the age of 16, girls could talk about marriage, and some girls could have children at the age of 20. Moreover, people had children at that time."random",

If you want to give birth to a boy but give birth to a girl, you will basically give away the child or throw it directly until the boy is born. Although it is not understood, it is indeed the status quo of people at that time.

Fortunately, there is no such phenomenon now. People pay more attention to the cultivation of children. From the time of children or childhood, they want a little conditioning to make the baby healthier.

However, the mother’s nerves are too big. Obviously, they are pregnant but they can’t feel the change of the body. It is easy to cause the baby in the stomach to be injured. Therefore, you must pay attention to your body often.

Netizen 1: I discovered by my cat. I said before pregnancy. I was preparing for pregnancy. I exercise every day to one and a half hours every day. There is a back to the sun in the middle.I came over to bite my hand, and I also said that I was pregnant, and I was stunned.

Netizen 2: I want to eat a spicy pot, or order a bunch of things to eat, eat two bowls of rice, I can eat normally, two or two meters a day, I am full to go to the company.It was not pregnant, and I thought it was impossible at the time, and a week later.

Netizen 3: My son was three years old and three months old. On the first day of the kindergarten, my husband and I sent my son to the kindergarten in the morning. On the way, I told my husband that I finally liberated.After returning to the cage, I felt uncomfortable to eat at noon. I wondered if I was pregnant?But I felt that I shouldn’t, I bought a trial mentality and bought the pregnancy test stick home, but I was really pregnant.

Netizen 4: It didn’t take long for the ovulation period. I vomited for a few consecutive days, and I said whether I would get pregnant. They all laughed at me and I wanted my baby to crazy. After a few days, they really couldn’t help but buy it.The pregnancy test stick was measured.

1. Little menstrual flow or stop

If some women are pregnant shortly before menstruation, at the course of menstruation, the body may have a small amount of sperm blood, and there will be no the next day or the third day.

Or the recent stopping situation. If the physiological cycle of women is on time, if the next menstrual period is not available, then buy test paper to test it.

2. I often feel tired

After having a baby, women always feel very tired. They always feel that their bodies are operating overload, and sometimes they can fall asleep after sitting. This is likely to be caused by pregnancy.

Because after pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body will fluctuate, which will cause women’s body fatigue and fatigue. At this time, it is best to test the test strip.

3. Always vomiting

I believe that everyone has seen it when watching TV. Originally, the family was eating well, but the girls suddenly got up to the toilet. As soon as this routine came out, everyone knew that it must be pregnant.

However, this will indeed happen in real life. When women will vomit after pregnancy, especially after getting up in the morning, the reaction of pregnancy will be very obvious, and the appetite will decrease.

Marriage and having children are a process that every woman needs to go through, and pregnancy is also a must -have. This is also a "talent" unique to women.Take medicine at will, quit the tobacco and alcohol, and keep a relaxed mood, but if you are not preparing for pregnancy, it is best to pay attention to your physical response. If the above situation occurs, it is best not to do severe exercise. Go as soon as possible and go as soon as possibleHospital examination.

After reading this article, do you think there are any reactions in your body after pregnancy?How do you know your pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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