How do you know she was pregnant?If this changes in underwear, congratulations on being a mother

Many people want to conceive their children early during pregnancy. Various tests starting from ovulation and same rooms. First, ovulation tests, after the same room, they will become early pregnancy tests, but sometimes early pregnancy will be unexpected. For exampleThe time to test the urine test is inaccurate or the method is incorrect, which may cause it to be accurate.In fact, if you want to know if you are pregnant, you can detect from the physical changes of women.Then, if this change after ovulation, 80 % of them are pregnant.

In fact, we say that on the underwear, it means that there are many secretions on this underwear, that is, the increase in leucorrhea.If women are pregnant, then the number of leucorrhea will increase accordingly, and the secretions on the underwear will increase.This is because sperm and eggs are combined with each other. When successfully implanting into the uterine wall, the body will secrete some hormones, causing a certain stimulation to the cervix, so that the cervix secretes more secretions.Such secretions look sticky and can be brushed, so women

1. Menstrual delay

Women ovulate every month.After ovulation, due to the gradual change of estrogen and progesterone, the unpaid eggs and endometrium will fall off the body.This is menstruation.When women’s eggs are fertilized and they start to grow on the endometrium, menstruation will stop.Therefore, if menstruation is delayed for a long time, you must consider the possibility of pregnancy.

2. Rise body temperature

After women’s pregnancy, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in the body increases. Affected by hormones, the body temperature usually increases by 0.3-0.5 degrees after pregnancy. Generally, it will slowly return to normal body temperature for about 3 months.So if you find that you have a higher temperature at a certain stage, it may be a signal of pregnancy.

3. Fatigue, drowsiness

Many women feel sleepy and tired after pregnancy, which is normal.It is because pregnant mothers have increased hormone secretion after pregnancy. One of them is called luteal hormone, which plays a role in protecting the fetus and preventing abortion.At the same time, it has anesthesia for pregnant women, so it will make pregnant mothers feel tired and sleepy, usually about 3 months.

4. Non -menstrual vaginal bleeding

Some pregnant women will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding at about 11 days of pregnancy.This is because fertilized eggs may enter a place where the blood circulation in the uterus is abundant. This belongs to the normal fertilized eggs with bed bleeding, which usually lasts one to two days.However, if the bleeding is severe or accompanied by pain, you should seek medical treatment immediately to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

5. chest pain

After pregnancy, due to the rise in estrogen and progesterone, it will promote the secondary development of pregnant mothers’ breasts. This is prepared for future lactation, so chest pain will occur after pregnancy.

The symptoms of pregnancy are not available for everyone. Some people are more careless in their lives, so it is difficult to detect the changes in their bodies. If you are in the same room during ovulation, we can also use the early pregnancy test strip to test it, or go to the hospital to draw blood to draw blood to draw blood.Test, this will be more accurate.

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