How do you know you are pregnant

Some women who want to get pregnant are always suspicious and always feel that they are pregnant. On the contrary, some women are very careless. They are pregnant and do not know.These are caused by the knowledge of the knowledge of pregnancy.So what are the reactions in pregnancy?

Under normal circumstances, the diagnosis of pregnancy is usually made by pregnant women.After pregnancy, a series of changes will occur in the body, and some changes will occur earlier, and the pregnant woman can feel that she has conceived.These changes are mainly manifested as follows:

1.Discontinue menstruation

A healthy and childbearing -old woman who usually has a regular menstrual cycle has a sexual life without taking effective contraceptive measures.pregnant.If menopause has been discontinued for 8 weeks, pregnancy is more likely.It is worth noting that although a married woman or a child -breed woman who has lived sexual life, the earliest and most important symptoms of pregnancy are menopause, but menstruation is not necessarily pregnant.Poor health, or excessive tension can also make menstruation not on time or even short -term amenorrhea.Therefore, you can’t think that menstruation is definitely pregnant.

2.Basic body temperature

The simplest and reliable diagnosis method is the determination of basic body temperature.The measurement of basic body temperature can be used for a period of persistence, then draws a chart, and judges from the chart: the body temperature is still at the high temperature section when the menstruation should come, and this phenomenon continues to be 15-20 days. Generally, the general situationYou can think that he is pregnant; if a woman with no regular body temperature, you can also make a judgment of pregnancy based on whether he feels that his body is fever, or weakness, etc., and combines the base temperature curve.

3.Early pregnancy response

At this stage of more than 40 days to more than two months of pregnancy, pregnant women have nausea, vomiting, saliva, and unwillingness to eat or partial eclipse, and feel dizzy, fatigue, drowsiness, like acidic food, and other phenomena.The symptoms in the morning are relatively obvious, also called "morning vomiting" or "pregnancy evil resistance".These changes are generally better after 3 months of pregnancy.

4.Frequent urine

Frequent toilet, there is the possibility of pregnancy.Frequent urination after pregnancy is caused by an increased uterus in the pelvic cavity.

About 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the uterine body enters the abdomen and no longer compresses the bladder, the frequent urination symptoms will disappear naturally.However, urine is still likely to fall in the late stages of fetal head.

5.Breast change

Generally, the breasts are often bloated or the breasts are often stiff before menstruation, and this phenomenon is also available in the early stages of pregnancy. The nipples and areolas are also dark because of the relationship between endoccinism.With the increase in the pregnancy month, this feature is even more obvious.Since the 8th week of pregnancy, breasts have gradually increased.Pregnant women will feel breast pain and nipple pain, and first pregnant women are more obvious.

6.Vaginal change

For 2 to 3 months of pregnancy, due to the local venous blood vessel stagnation, the urethral mouth, vaginal court and vaginal wall become purple -blue, and the color will deepen as the pregnancy month increases.If the pregnancy is terminated, the pigment will slowly disappear.

If the above symptoms occur, it is a sign of pregnancy.Avoid misdiagnosis, avoid taking various drugs that may cause fetal malformations to ensure the health and safety of maternal and infants.

In addition, some women hate some odor after pregnancy and even unbearable.Be sure to pay attention to this.

Warm reminder: Due to the continuous increase in the uterus after pregnancy, the abdominal skin is stretched with the stretch of subcutaneous tissue and elastic fibers. The skin surface forms irregular spots, which is pink.But one thing to explain is that stretch marks do not appear every pregnant woman. On the contrary, stretch marks are not necessarily caused by pregnancy.

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