How harmful to women’s harm to women?It hurts after watching it

After giving birth to a second child, Ms. Wang no longer asked for children, but she had a difference with her husband on contraceptive issues: her husband was unwilling to use a condom, and Ms. Wang did not want to always take contraceptives.Listening to people said that the upper ring hurts the body, and the ligation will accelerate aging, so he hesitates between ligation and the upper ring.

First of all, ligation is a sterilization surgery that can be performed by both men and women. Compared with women, they need to sew the bilateral fallopian tubes and suture them separately. It is easy to cause pelvic infection and bleeding after surgery. Men ligates are more convenient and sequelae are less.

The shot surgery that can only be performed by women can only be performed in the uterus in the uterus, which is usually plastic or metal.

The biggest benefit of the Sheung Wan is that when the couple wants to have birth, the ring can be taken out at any time, and it cannot be reappeared after ligation.But the damage to women’s harm must not be ignored:

1. Women’s bodies may reject the breeding ring, and all kinds of uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

2. Can cause women infection and inflammation.

3. It is not forever after the upper ring, because it is likely to fall off, so it needs to be checked regularly.

4. Like the condom, the Shekuan cannot be completely contraceptive, and there will still be a chance to get pregnant.

5. The ring is easy to take the ring difficulty. If the bred ring is placed in the meat for a long time, it may be pulled with the meat together.

After reading it, do you feel so painful?If the husband and wife are also preparing for children, they can adopt condom contractions and simple hygiene, why do women have to suffer this kind of suffering; if they do not intend to have children, male ligation is the safest and effective way.

However, many men in our country believe that ligation is equivalent to becoming eunuchs, so they are resolutely refused to perform surgery, and they would rather have more sins.In fact, male ligation only ligates the voltic tube, and does not shadow the life and pleasure of husband and wife, and the impact on health is very small.

Even if you know that ligation has no effect on the body, men will still sacrifice the health of their wives for "face", and they must let their wives be ligated. This is a kind of harm to women’s body and spirit.

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