How long can a woman find out ectopic pregnancy after pregnancy?Be guarded with ectopic pregnancy.

Xiaoling has always been careful after pregnancy, and also resigned and returned home to concentrate on raising the fetus, hoping that she could see the baby born early.However, some time ago, Xiaoling always felt slightly painful stomach, and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. At first, Xiaoling felt that this was a normal reaction of pregnancy, but her girlfriend still suggested that Xiaoling went to the hospital for examination.EssenceXiaoling also murmured and went to the hospital for examination. Who knew that it was an ectopic pregnancy and had to give up the child.

At present, the phenomenon of ectopic pregnancy in the society frequently occurs. Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs should be bed in the mother’s uterine cavity, but due to various reasons, there will be some fertilized eggs in bed. This is ectopic pregnancy.It belongs to one of the misplaced pregnancy of pregnancy abnormalities. It will not only limit the normal development of the fetus, but also a threat to the health of the mother’s health, and it is also a psychological blow to women.Therefore, after women are pregnant, they must confirm whether they have ectopic pregnancy in advance.Be guarded with ectopic pregnancy, these knowledge has long known that early!

1. How long can a woman find out ectopic pregnancy after pregnancy?

Experts have shown that how long the ectopic pregnancy can be discovered is actually different from person to person. Usually, 35-40 days after pregnancy, the pregnant mother will see the pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity.It is found that the pregnancy sac, or the gestational sac is not in the uterine cavity, is ectopic pregnancy.Therefore, during this time, the pregnant mother must go to the hospital for a examination.

2. What are the symptoms of women’s pregnancy?

(1) Abdominal pain This is the most obvious feature of ectopic pregnancy. Many women can go to the hospital for examination because they can’t stand this abdominal pain, so they are diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy.The position of this pain is usually on one side of the lower abdomen, and it is nauseous and vomiting.

(2) There are a small number of women with bleeding with ectopic pregnancy, and irregular bleeding phenomena with darker colors. With dizziness, patients may develop symptoms of shock.

(3) Some women in shoulder pain will occur in the shoulder pain in the flat state. It is likely that internal hemorrhage stimulates the nerves. It is recommended to go to the hospital for further examination.

3. Will women affect post -fertility when they suffer from ectopic pregnancy?

If women are unfortunately suffering from ectopic pregnancy, they can receive regular treatment in time, and the chance of fertility is still very large.Do not drag the condition, this will definitely affect the fertility of women. When you find that ectopic pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for surgery immediately.And after half a year, we must pay attention to contraception. After the body gradually recovered, it can be given to the second time.

Conception is a very complicated natural phenomenon. Maybe we may not feel anything, but every link in this is closely combined, and problems in any place will affect the results of fertilization.Ectopic pregnancy is a more severe disease than miscarriage. Not only can the fetus be unable to keep the fetus, but also threatens the life of the mother. Therefore, beware of ectopic pregnancy, the mother must do a good job of examination during pregnancy.

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