How long can I find pregnancy after the same room?These signals tell you that you may be happy

Dr. Jiang often encounters a lot of pregnant mothers to come to consult. "I have been in the same room for a week, can I know if I have a pregnancy?"Come on? "…….

For women who are urgent to have children, they hope to get good news as soon as possible. After the same room, they want to know if they are pregnant and how long to conceive.However, due to the lack of medical common sense, most women cannot quickly and correctly judge them.Today, let’s talk about a few issues that the majority of pregnant mothers care about.

You can test whether you are pregnant from 7 to 10 days after the same room.

Women with regular menstruation, about 7 to 10 days after the same room, if there is a fertilized egg in bed, the nourishing layer of the fertilized eggs will begin to secrete the choricular gonadotropin.After 48 hours of fertilized eggs, the chorionic gonad hormones will double.With the progress of pregnancy, the level of human chorionic gonad hormone levels will continue to rise continuously, and it will gradually decrease after reaching the peak and maintain it in a stable state.The value of the normal person’s HCG is less than 3.1IU/L. If the value exceeds 5IU/L, it is considered pregnant.

If women want to detect whether they are pregnant, they can take early pregnancy test strips for pregnancy test strip after 7 to 10 days after the same room. If it is a positive response, it means that she is pregnant.After 7 days in the same room, you can go to the hospital to draw blood to detect the contents of velvetic membrane in the blood. If it exceeds the upper limit of the normal reference value, it is prompted to get pregnant.

The most obvious symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are menopause, menstrual abnormalities and early pregnancy reactions.

"Menstruation" is the blood formed by the endometrium of the uterine endometrium. When a woman is pregnant, the embryo will bed in the uterus, so the endometrium will not fall off, and then the menopause will occur.symptom.

At the same time, hormone levels in the body in the early stages of pregnancy change, combined with different constitutions such as nausea, vomiting, breasts are associated, expanded and itchy, areola color, drowsiness, frequent urination, vaginal mucosa discoloration, skin changes, basic body temperatureExtraction of early pregnancy reactions.

Each stage of pregnancy requires supplementary nutrition mainly including folic acid, vitamins, protein, calcium, dietary fiber, etc.

1. Early pregnancy: During 1 to 3 months of pregnancy, folic acid needs to be supplemented to prevent children’s nerve tube deformities.It can also supplement vitamin C and vitamin B6, etc. to help improve the body’s resistance and relieve pregnancy.You can eat more folic acid tablets, vitamin B6 tablets, oranges, tomatoes, etc. to take these nutrients from it.

2. In the middle of pregnancy: When you are pregnant 4 to 6 months, you must supplement the protein. You can eat more eggs, meat, milk, etc. to promote fetal growth and development.It is also necessary to replenish calcium elements. Calcium can be taken appropriately, so as to promote the development of fetal skeletal and teeth, and alleviate the leg cramps caused by calcium deficiency in pregnant women.

3. In the third trimester: When the pregnant woman may have constipation when 7 to 9 months of pregnancy, pregnant women may have constipation, and they need to consume dietary fiber to promote intestinal peristalsis. They can eat foods such as sweet potatoes, oats, celery and other foods.

Finally, tell you expectant mothers that pregnant women must maintain a good mentality during each stage of pregnancy!

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