How long can I get the report for the birth check?

Non -invasive DNA is one of the more popular prenatal diagnosis and examination methods. When pregnant women do non -invasive DNA testing, sometimes there will be reports that do not indicate the abnormalities of 21 bilateral, 13 bilateral and 18 bilaterals of chromosomes.How long does it take to get it?

Director Chen Min, Director of the Preoperative Diagnostic Department of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that if the tests of these puncture are inspected by fast chromosomal nuclear analysis, it is generally five working days, that is, you can get it in about a week.; If it is a genetic chip check, it can be obtained in about two weeks; if it is a traditional chromosome nuclear analysis, it can be obtained in about three weeks.

Now with the development of WeChat and the improvement of the Internet construction of the hospital, these results can be found on the official website of the hospital and the hospital’s WeChat at the above time period, so don’t worry too much.Generally, it takes at least three or more time to do these inspections.

There is currently a new type of chromosomal abnormal detection technology -non -invasive DNA detection.About ten working days can be reported to the report.

Non -invasive DNA testing and inspection is abnormal, children may not need it?

Director Chen Min, the prenatal diagnosis of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that the current non -invasive DNA detection technology, the depth and coverage of the sequencing, for the common 21 doubles, 18 bilateral, and 13 doubles, it’s on it, its onesThe accuracy is relatively high.

Generally speaking, the detection rate of the 21 double body, that is, the Tang family syndrome basically reached about 99%.Its false positive rate is less than 1%.However, for the 18 dual -body and 13 bodies, its detection rate may not be as high as 99%.For other sex chromosomes, its pseudo -positive rate is higher.Therefore, even if the report of non -invasive DNA indicates that the abnormality of the number of sex chromosomes or the abnormalities of some fragments of other chromosomes should be checked.At this time, it should be pumped, and the nuclear analysis of chromosomes should be performed and the genetic chip check. It is true that the result of the so -called non -invasive DNA detection is true.

Director Chen Min pointed out that according to clinical experience, a considerable part of the non -invasive result may be false positive.At this time, you have to check the results of the test results through the amniotic pest, chromosome nuclear analysis, and gene chip to make the final clear diagnosis.

Therefore, due to the limitations of technology, it is likely to cause a false surprise.If you have any problems in this regard, please consult a professional fetal medicine or prenatal diagnosis doctor.

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