How long can I have children after abortion?

"If the last child was aborted, how long does it take to rest to get pregnant again? What should I pay attention to when I get pregnant again?" Director Sun Junling of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital often hear similar questions from patients.It is true that there are many women who have miscarriage or choose an artificial abortion naturally due to various reasons, such as not being prepared, or accidentally taking some reasons for drugs during pregnancy.But when I want a child, I start to worry about whether the abortion will affect the child. How long can I have a child after abortion …

Many people think that it takes at least 6 months after abortion to get pregnant again.Some patients also think that they need to "condition their bodies" for such a long time, and some obstetrics and gynecologists will also say "so that there is enough time for endometrium to repair."But in fact, there is no statement of pregnancy in half a year, regardless of the text or clinical.In fact, the main symbol of the endometrial repair is the tide of normal menstruation, which is often enough for about a month.Therefore, in theory, you can prepare for pregnancy again after normal menstruation, and there is no saying that you will be pregnant after half a year. Furthermore, it is too general to emphasize that it takes 6 months of contraception and then pregnancy.For individualized judgments, some recovery time is long, and some of them are short recovery time and cannot be generalized.

The time to prepare after abortion needs to be determined according to the type of abortion.If there is a drug abortion, you can get pregnant next month. Because the endometrium is not resumed, it is recommended to prepare for pregnancy after three months; if artificial abortion, the theoretical requirements are prepared after 3 to 6 months, and the manual abortion will perform mechanical sculpting caused endometrial damage. It is recommendedAfter half a year, pregnancy is more suitable.How long can I get pregnant again after a long abortion, and I have to plan according to her abortion time.The previous miscarriage occurred before 12 weeks of pregnancy. After two or three menstruation after pregnancy, she could let her plan to become pregnant. Patients with biochemical pregnancy can even prepare for the second month.It was 12 weeks before 28 weeks. At this time, it was necessary to prepare for pregnancy after half a year.In addition, there are some special cases, such as patients with recurrence abortion must actively find the cause, go to the hospital for recurrence of system examination, such as reproductive endocrine function, cervical and cervical factors, infection factors, immune factors, male factors, etc.If the cause of miscarriage is discovered, it is necessary to treat before pregnancy; some abortion is caused by other diseases, and it is necessary to follow the professional advice of a specialist, such as hydatidal, thyroid dysfunction, and so on.Therefore, how long after abortion is preparing for pregnancy, it varies from person to person, and medical examination before pregnancy is the most secure approach.

Of course, Director Sun also reminded female friends that if there is no maternity demand, do contraception, and try not to do artificial abortion, because there are many sequelae after abortion, and it is unknown whether it will be able to get pregnant normally after abortion.Vitamins and folic acid must be supplemented a few months before conception, maintaining healthy weight, avoiding smoke and alcoholic drugs, and reducing coffee and tea intake.After the successful pregnancy, the maternal and complications should be found on time. The mothers and complications of the mother should be found in a timely manner. The abortion threatened and the fetal development of the fetus should be discovered in a timely manner. Corresponding measures are taken in time to ensure the smooth progress of pregnancy.

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