How long does a woman usually give birth to a child, how can I calculate the due date?

We usually have heard of the sentence in October, thinking that it is normal for a woman to have a child for 10 months.In fact, pregnant in October is our old saying.Medically, women from the beginning to production did not really take 10 months.The process of pregnancy is long. Now, due to the diet and disease, there will be a little difference in childbirth and due date.

During our pregnancy, as my belly gradually became larger, my mother began to think about the problem of childbirth. Now many novice mothers do not know the correct pregnancy time, and some people do not know their due date.Even when we were about to produce, I hurried to the hospital in a hurry. In fact, we can know that your due date is checked. It is best to prepare in the hospital a few days before the due date.

How to calculate expected date of birth

In fact, our mother is pregnant for about nine months and a week according to the natural month. The natural month is 30 days or 31 days a month.The October pregnant in October was based on 4 weeks a month.It was said that four weeks were one month, and our pregnancy time was 40 weeks, and it was 10 months when the due date was 10 months.All the real pregnancy time is not 10 months, and usually our entire pregnancy is 280 days.

Medical stipulates that the due date is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, but many people do not remember their last menstruation. It is difficult to estimate the due date when medical technology was underdeveloped in the past.Now we can get a color Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy to get the due date of the pregnant woman.Generally, the pregnancy time is 40 weeks, that is, more than 9 months a week, but now due to the influence of many factors, it is not necessarily produced on the day of the due date. It is normal to be advanced or delayed for two weeks in advance.

Generally, it is normal for pregnant women to have a baby from 38 to 42 weeks of pregnancy, that is, it is normal for 8 a month, 2 weeks to 10 months. If it is not produced in this range, we must check our babyIs there an abnormal situation?Generally, premature birth will have a greater impact on our fetus. Many premature fetal fetuses will develop inherently or have cerebral palsy.

What should I do if the due date is over

It is normal for delivery within two weeks before and after the due date.If you are born from 24 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, you are regarded as premature birth (early), and those who are delayed than expected periods, that is, the situation of birth after the 42nd week, is over -production (expired).If the pregnant woman has passed the due date and the sign of childbirth has not occurred, the following points must be paid attention to:

1. Don’t be too nervous. Even if the gestational week is accurate, the impact of maternal and infants during delivery within two weeks after the due date is not great, but pay attention to fetal movement.Fetal movement monitoring is the best self -monitoring method in the late pregnancy. It can reflect the living conditions of the fetus in the palace. Once the fetal movement is less than 3 times or less than 20 times or weakened in 12 hours, it is necessary to go to the hospital for further examination.Doctors will decide the opportunity of childbirth based on the situation.

2. Continue to conduct a checkup and tell the doctor the results of the early pregnancy test (such as B -ultrasound, blood test, pregnancy test, etc.) and the time and results of fetal movement. Let the doctor check you again for the gestational week.

3. Strengthen the prenatal inspection, shorten the interval time, contact the doctor at any time, inform the internal fetal movement of the palace, and at the same time, the B -ultrasound visits the amount of amniotic fluid with the amount of amniotic fluid.If there is no abnormality, you can continue your pregnancy under close monitoring.

If the due date is postponed to 14 days, when the clinical so -called expired pregnancy is reached, because the placenta of some pregnant women will have aging, and the fetus will be hypoxic and suffocation, it is more harmful to the child and should take measures to go to the hospital in time.


It ’s good to fix the birth check every week. The specific examination of the doctor is generally just a regular examination. It is a bit large that the head may be out and needs to be cut.

1. Pay attention to fetal movements every day. If your baby does not move, you have to walk around, change your posture, or pat your belly gently. If you still do n’t move, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

2. If you want to give birth, take more walks and climb more stairs. It is recommended to go to the park to take a walk quietly after meals. Do not go to places such as many people like supermarkets.

3. If you find that the water breaks (that is, the sudden urination, you can’t help it) or the rules of the three to five minutes (like a dysmenorrhea), you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

4. What you need to buy: restraint band, production pad, large sanitary napkin, toiletries, milking and anti -overflow pads, 125ml bottle (if you want to breast milk), baby’s gauze coat, wrap towel (if the hospital is a hospitalIf you don’t provide milk powder, prepare it yourself)

Because each hospital provides different things, you need to consult the hospital. Other items that are not listed can also be bought after giving birth.

In any case, our women should go to the hospital in time to do a good job of delivery, and the diet is rich and nutritious during the pregnancy, so that our baby will be produced in full month.Eat too much spicy, irritating food, or because of your own small experience, etc. during pregnancy, may cause premature fetal birth. We must avoid this situation.

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