How long should a healthy "husband and wife live" frequency?The truth surprises you

Xiaoli and Zhang Ming are a loving couple, and they have always paid attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One day, they saw an interesting popular science theme in a health magazine: "How long should the most healthy husband and wife live?"

This question aroused their curiosity, and they decided to find out.

So he began to review related research and experts’ viewpoints.

They found that the life of couples had a positive impact on physical and mental health.

Moreover, the frequency is not the only key factor.

At the same time, it has also been checked that the life of a healthy couple is not only a problem of frequency, but more importantly, based on mutual respect and understanding.

Therefore, Xiaoli and Zhang Ming realized that they decided to explore and enjoy the life of husband and wife with a healthy, open and pleasant attitude, so that they would be more happy and happy.

So, how long should the healthiest husband and wife live? After reading the truth, you will definitely surprise you!

With age, the desire between men and women will also change with.

However, the requirements for the life of couples between men and women are different.

So, what is the harm if the husband and wife live too often?

1. Physical fatigue and weakness

During sexual behavior, the body will have changes and internal structures and internal structures, such as acceleration of heartbeat, deepening of breathing, and muscle contraction.

If the husband and wife live in frequently, the body will not be fully recovered, so it will be prone to fatigue.

Long -term continuous excessive husband and wife life will also cause excessive energy consumption of the body, and you will feel tired and weak in your body.

In addition, excessive life of husband and wife may cause excessive consumption of physical resources, including physical strength, energy and nutrients.

If it is not replenished and recovered in time, it will easily lead to problems such as weakness and malnutrition, which will affect the overall health.

Therefore, it is recommended that when the husband and wife live, the frequency and intensity should be reasonably arranged and controlled according to their own conditions and needs to ensure the balance of physical and mental health.

If you have problems such as physical fatigue and weakness, it is recommended to rest and restore your body in time.

2. Sexual dysfunction

Frequent sexual behaviors can cause excessive stimulation to private device, which may lead to problems such as lower body dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Because men perform loving behavior through sexual stimulation and hardening under sexual stimulation.

Frequent sexual behaviors will allow private organs to experience the process of congestion and relaxation repeatedly.

If there is no enough time to recover, the private organs will cause disorders, causing dysfunction of the lower body.

In addition, excessive husbands and wives life may cause desire to decrease and have a adverse effect on the life of husband and wife.

Because excessive husbands and wives will cause the boring and monotonous between husbands and wives, they will lack freshness and excitement.

This will cause the desire of husband and wife to lose and lose interest in the life of the husband and wife. This is why excessive husband and wife life cause sexual dysfunction.

3. Psychological problems such as anxiety, depression

When the husband and wife are overly pursuing or relying on the life of the husband and wife, anxiety may occur.

This anxiety may stem from excessive expectations for sexual ability, sexual expression or sexual satisfaction, as well as concerns and anxiety about husband and wife relationship.

Anxiety may affect the self -confidence and emotional state of husband and wife life, and also burdens daily life.

In addition, excessive husbands and wives life will make people feel empty, lost or lacking satisfaction, and increase the risk of depression between the two sides.

Many people do not know that depression usually manifested as symptoms such as depression, decreased interest, long -term insomnia and decreased appetite, and may interfere with normal life and work in severe cases.

When a person is obsessed with the life of husband and wife and ignores, other important interpersonal relationships.

For a long time between husbands and wives, it may lead to emotional conflict, intimate relationships, and even breakup.

Therefore, excessive life of husband and wife cannot meet other aspects of needs, such as emotional support, communication and common interests, and also cause pressure and distress to interpersonal relationships.

It is recommended not to excessive husbands and wives to avoid unnecessary impact and burden on life.

Husband and wife life is a very important part of marriage relationship. It can not only enhance the relationship and intimacy of the two, but also help maintain physical and mental health.

In order to make the life of husband and wife more harmonious, the following are some important points worth noting:

1. Communication and understanding

The communication between husband and wife is indispensable in the life of husband and wife, and needs to be frank and expressing each other’s needs, desires and expectations through frankly.

Husbands and wives can better understand each other and find solutions satisfactory to each other.

Husbands and wives should listen to each other’s opinions and ideas, respect each other’s feelings, and explore and discover each other’s preferences and husband and wife’s preferences.

Communication and understanding can also help solve some possible problems and challenges.

For example, issues such as non -matching, sexual stress, sexual incompetence, etc. can all seek solutions through the communication and understanding of husband and wife.

2. Healthy learning

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also has a great impact on the quality of husband and wife’s life.

In daily life, we must have good eating habits, especially in which we can take more nutrients in our body, including protein, vitamins and minerals.

Fruit, vegetables, grains, etc. can help and maintain the daily life of healthy couples.

At the same time, it is also recommended to perform appropriate exercise, which can also improve the desire and sexual ability between husband and wife.

Aerobic exercise such as walking, running, swimming, etc. can improve cardiovascular health and increase the endurance and flexibility of the body.

In addition, targeted pelvic floor muscle exercise can also improve the life of husband and wife.

And smoking and excessive drinking have a negative impact on the life of husband and wife.

Smoking can damage blood circulation, and excessive drinking may cause desire to decrease and lower body problems.Both husband and wife should try to quit smoking and restrict alcohol intake.

3. Emotion and intimacy

The love, care and understanding between husband and wife is an important prerequisite for husband and wife life.

Emotional communication and communication can increase the intimacy between husband and wife, so that each other understands each other’s needs and desires.

Husbands and wives should express their feelings and expectations in order to better meet each other’s needs.

Therefore, the life of husband and wife is not only physical satisfaction, but also contains emotional and intimate communication between husband and wife.

There are also behaviors such as caressing, hugs and kisses between husband and wife, which can enhance the intimacy and trust of the two, and make the husband and wife live better and satisfied.

4. Respect peace

The life of husband and wife is a process of interaction, which requires the joint participation and cooperation of both parties.

Through frank communication, couples can share each other’s expectations and preferences to better meet each other’s needs.

At the same time, understanding the other party’s physical and psychological conditions is also very important, respecting the other party’s feelings and willingness.

Husbands and wives should not be the control or oppression tool for one party.

Both husband and wife should share power and responsibilities equally, and jointly decide the frequency, methods, and content of the life of the husband and wife.

Both men and women should have the right to express their own needs and opinions and receive respect and attention.

5. Exploration and innovation

It is recommended that couples can try different ways and skills of love to increase fun and excitement.

Exploring the new way of loving can make the life between husband and wife more rich and diverse.

However, before trying new things, couples should need to ensure the comfort and safety of each other.

The life of a healthy couple is very important for the physical and mental health and happiness between husband and wife.

However, how long is the life of husband and wife a problem that is different from person to person, because everyone’s needs and preferences are different.

The frequency of husband and wife life will also be affected by various factors, including personal health, lifestyle, age, and personal preference.

According to expert suggestions, a healthy husband and wife live frequency depends on personal needs and comfort.

The frequency of husband and wife life should be negotiated and satisfactory between husband and wife or partner.

Some people may tend to live frequently, and for others, less sexual activities can also meet their needs.

Although there are no determined standards, generally, experts believe that adults to live one or three couples in one to three times a week are a normal scope.

However, this is just a guidance. The actual frequency is still determined based on the physical condition and atmosphere at the time.

In particular, some people may limit the frequency of husband and wife life due to physical health problems, drug treatment or other reasons.

If you have any specific health issues or doubts, it is best to consult your doctor or other professional medical care providers.

Then, the quality of husband and wife life is also crucial.

Establish a good communication and emotional connection with your partner to respect each other’s needs and boundaries.

It is also very important to take proper protection measures to prevent problems such as diseases and avoid pregnancy.

It is important to maintain good communication with the partner, respect and understand each other, and determine the appropriate frequency based on the expectations and needs of both parties.

If you have any health issues or doubts, it is best to consult your doctor’s opinion.

In fact, the frequency of husband and wife does not have a fixed standard, because everyone’s needs and physical conditions are different.

The most important thing is that the life of husband and wife should be based on the consensus and desires of both parties, not by the expectations of the outside world.

Whether it is daily, weekly or once a month, as long as both parties are satisfied and comfortable, it is the healthiest frequency.

The key is to maintain and understand, respect each other’s needs and rhythm.

At the same time, we must also remember to maintain good sexual health habits, such as proper use of contraceptive measures and regular health examinations.

I hope that everyone can find the frequency of husband and wife who are suitable for them according to their actual situation, and enjoy a healthy and happy husband and wife life.

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