How much do people love rice noodles in Kunming?Adding up may be around the earth

If you can use a food to represent Yunnan, it must be a rice noodle!

You have seen the most food on the streets and alleys of Kunming, that is, rice noodles. It can be seen how much of Yunnan people love rice noodles!

And there are many types of rice noodles. If you are a friend from other provinces, you will be surprised, and the rice noodle can make so many varieties …

Small pot rice noodles, stinky tofu rice noodles, bean flower rice noodles, rice noodles, fried rice noodles

Crossing bridge rice noodles, catfish rice noodles, diluted bean powder rice noodles, sour beam noodles, bacterial rice noodles

Pig feet rice noodles, burn rice noodles, miscellaneous rice noodles, leaf rice noodles, cold rice noodles


Different rice noodles have different feelings. Each rice noodle has a different taste experience!

If you hear "Go, throw rice noodles!" If you heard it on the streets of Kunming! "

So, today I will take you to the streets of Shilin, Kunming, take a look!

In the morning, let’s eat a bowl of small pot rice noodles first

Get up in the morning and don’t come to a bowl of hot pot rice noodles.

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Especially in winter, a bowl of small pot of rice is really warm all morning!

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Soup into the pot, fresh meat to taste, pickled vegetables and hanging flavor,

Cook the cabbage and pour into the rice noodle

Remember to go to the seasoning table and add oil peppers and leek ~

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At noon, if you don’t know what to eat, let’s have a bowl of Liangmi wire ~

At noon, Shilin Kunming will be very hot even in winter. If you don’t know what to eat, you might as well come to a bowl of Liangmi line ~

Liang Mi Line appears as a Yunnan flavor at the traditional wedding of Yunnan, but also one of the staple foods everywhere on the street.

The fragrant fragrance of peanuts, the brittle radish, the tenderness of the shredded chicken, the sweetness of soy sauce, and the smoothness of the rice noodles are perfectly combined, and the whole taste buds of your taste are opened!

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The temperature difference between the day and night of Shilin in Kunming is always very large.

At night, the temperature of Shilin also declined. At this time, a set of bridge rice noodles can’t be appropriate!

When it comes to bridge rice noodles, everyone should not be unfamiliar with Mengzi City, Yunnan. There is a attraction named Nanhu. It is said that during the Qing Dynasty, a surname of Yang was studying in Nanhu Lake Heart Pavilion.The rice noodles that love to eat were sent to him for meals, but when he went out to the island, the rice noodle was no longer hot.Later, when I gave the chicken soup by chance, Xiucai Lady found that the thick layer of chicken oil on the chicken soup was like a pot lid, which could keep the soup temperature. If the condiments and rice noodles were eaten, they could be more refreshing.So she first cooked the fat chicken and cylindrical bones, and the thick chicken oil noodles were scalded at home.Smoles.

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Since then, such a rice noodle approach has spread, and everyone scrambles to imitate it before the bridge -crossing rice noodles known as "non -heritage on the tip of the tongue" have been passed down to this day.

Thanks to the characteristics of fresh -keeping and heat preservation of the casserole, the soup of the bridge -crossing rice noodles retains the freshness just boiled, and the wild fungus of Shilin as auxiliary vegetables, so that the fragrance of the bridge rice noodles is also a step.

Such a delicious cross -bridge rice noodle, a set is enough for your stomach to satisfy all night ~

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As one of the ingredients that Yunnan people preferred since ancient times, rice noodles have appeared in their practices a lot of unique insights. Whether it is a small pot, a cold mix or a bridge, it has condensed the unique emotions of the Yunnan people to the rice line.The delicious representative is not only a kind of enjoyment on the taste buds, but also a taste of hometown!

When they see a bowl of rice noodles when they see a bowl of rice noodles, there will be a trace of thoughts in their hearts when they see a bowl of rice noodles. A small bowl of rice noodles will be sublimated in the hearts of Yunnan people.

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