How much do you know during pregnancy, constipation, and 10 major symptoms of pregnancy discomfort?

When there is a fetus in the stomach, the physiology and psychology of pregnant women will change more or less. This time, the symptoms of discomfort during the 10 pregnancy period have always been discussed.Intersection

1. Pregnancy

The cause of pregnancy vomiting is related to the rapid increase of the pill membrane gonadotropin (HCG) in the body. When the fertilized eggs are bed, HCG will begin to secrete, and it will gradually increase in about 6 weeks of pregnancy.It will be reduced, and pregnant women will feel like to vomit with hormones, which can be relieved by about 16 weeks.

2. Sleep during pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, the position of the uterus is still in the pelvic cavity, and it will not cause compression to pregnant women, because the lutealin rises in the body, the smooth muscle is relaxed, and the sphincter of the cardia (the interface of the stomach and the esophagus) becomes relaxed.Instead of flow, the gastrointestinal tract will also move slowly, causing constipation. At the same time, the uterus and pelvic cavity will also begin to be congested, preparing for the environment of fetal growth in the future.

3. Pregnancy bleeding

In the early days, the concentration of hormones rose too quickly, and pregnant women have not been able to adapt, stimulating to the endometrium and causing trace bleeding.Then there is the incorrect bed in bed, which will also cause bleeding.Pregnant women are also prone to lutein in short pregnancy. Most physicians will give lutein drugs to stabilize the endometrium. The abnormal embryo will automatically appear a natural elimination mechanism, which will also be expressed as a sign of bleeding.

4. Pregnancy skin changes

Skin changes are related to estrogen in the body. The estrogen concentration rises, and the skin color will be deepened. Common parts include nipples, areolas, outer genitals, underarms, inside thighs, etc.50 % of pregnant women have chloasma on their faces.

5. Pregnant back pain

The most obvious cause of back pain is the weight gain. Generally speaking, it is recommended that pregnant women increase by 10 to 12 kilograms, and it is easy to increase the burden on the body.As the pregnant belly gradually becomes larger, pregnant women will get used to leaning back the upper body, and then increase the burden on the waist.

6. Pregnancy edema

After pregnancy, the hormones in the body change. The rise in estrogen leads to the phenomenon of edema during pregnancy. In addition, the uterine is enlarged, and the blood circulation of the lower body is squeezed to the lower body. The common edema positions include calves and ankles.

7. Pregnancy constipation

During pregnancy, the lutein secreted by pregnant women will reduce the frequency of smooth muscle shrinkage of the body, the power will decrease, the intestinal tract contains a large amount of smooth muscles, which will be affected by this.After the water is absorbed, it will form a hard feces, and it is not easy to discharge, which causes constipation.

8. Increased pregnancy secretions

When the secretion is increased, and the color is yellow -green, similar to thick sputum and taste, the labia feels hot and itchy, you must worry about whether it is infected with mold or bacteria; and the color is brown, even red, combined with stomach pain, 20Pregnant women before Zhou must worry that it may be a threatened abortion. After 20 weeks, it will be a sign of premature birth. If there is no abdominal pain, it may be abnormal cervix.

9. Numerous urine

The problem of frequent urination will appear again.

10. Pregnant pubic pain

Due to the influence of relaxation and lutein, pregnancy relaxes the smooth muscle, and the uterine muscles will also relax to reduce the number of shrinkage. At the same time, it will also act on the ligament and cartilage around the pubic bone., Make the pelvic space easier, prepare for the uterus that can be enlarged by the fetus in the future.

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