How much does smoking and passive smoking be known to the fetus during pregnancy?Knock the alarm for the expectant parents

The mother’s health during pregnancy and even before pregnancy has a great impact on the fetus.There are many factors affecting the health of pregnant mothers. In this article, the impact of smoking and passive smoking on pregnant women on fetuses and children’s development.

Smoking or passive smoking for pregnant women is almost equivalent to passive smoking of the fetus

For yourself and your family, give your child a clean space

Expert research shows that when pregnant women smoke or passively sucking second -hand smoke, "the role of nicotine will cause the fetal umbilical cord blood vessel contraction, reduce blood flow, and reduce the oxygen and nutritional supply of the fetus.The process is also suppressed, which will cause the fetus to become more hypoxic. This is a disguised abuse, which is equivalent to the abuse of the fetus to suffocate to death.The development of development will also reduce the height and weight of the fetus at birth.

The following chart shows the difference between the height and weight of the pregnant mother during pregnancy, the pregnant mother smoking and passive smokers, and the newborn of the pregnant mother.

During the hazards of smoking and passive smoking during pregnancy, the height and weight comparison

The picture on the left shows the height of the newborn when the height is born. The green is a non-smoking person (a pregnant woman with no smoking on the left, and a pregnant woman with passive smokers on the right), and the red display smoker (the left side is 1-9 cigarettes per day.Pregnant women on the right are pregnant women with more than 10 smokers per day)

The picture on the right shows the weight comparison of the newborn when birth.Green, red is as above.According to the figure, the fetus of smoking pregnant women and passive smoking pregnant women has a significant difference in the height from weight to height than normally without smoking or no passive smoking.The degree of passive smoking of the fetus has the same or greater health hazards as the smokers.

Some pregnant women may naive that smaller newborns are more likely to give birth, so smoking or passive second -hand smoke are not a big deal. This is a great mistake.If the pregnant woman’s own malnutrition and lack of weight, they will cause fetal dysplasia.In addition, if you smoke or passively inhaled second -hand smoke, it will cause hypoxia to damage the fetus’s brain and endanger the development of other organs.

Can smoking and passive second -hand smoke affect the baby’s IQ during pregnancy?

Use the following diagram to represent the impact of smoking on children on children, and changes in intellectual development

The impact of smoking and passive smoking on pregnancy on fetal intelligence development

As shown in the figure, the numeric value on the left is the IQ index of the newborn. According to the smoking of parents, the average daily number of passive smoking, and the comparison of intellectual development have a comparison of the trend of the decline in the long -term decline of IQ.

Therefore, smoking and passive second -hand cigarettes during pregnancy also affect the IQ level of the baby.

Other data show that smoking and second -hand cigarettes will also increase newborns, suffering from ADHD [Pay attention to the risk of defects and multiple dysfunction (ADHD), commonly known as polymotidation.

Although it is known that smoking is harmful to the fetus, there are still many pregnant women who are still smoking.This not only affects the health of smoking pregnant women, but also has a great harm to the development of passive second -hand cigarettes.There are also reports that the father smokes more than 10 daily smoking. Even if the mother does not smoke, it will affect the development of the fetus. It may be damaged during the sperm production period or pollute the environment.

Summary: Smoking is harmful to health, not only to endanger yourself, but also harm others, especially the closest person you are.Parents must not be lucky.For the health of the next generation, if the expectant mothers are trying to bred a baby or know that they are pregnant, they should stop smoking immediately, and they should be far away from the environment where the smokers exist.You must also call on the public to understand and tolerate more. When you are in public places, in all places where pregnant women appear, do not smoke, please destroy the cigarettes that have been burned in your hands.Reduce the pollution of cigarettes to the environment. For our next generation, pregnant women can breathe fresh air, leaving a fresh space, so that the fetus can get a better growth and development environment.

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