How much sweat after giving birth?3 major adjustment methods to help

Many moms often sweat after giving birth.As soon as I woke up, I found that the whole pajamas were wet, and my body was sticky. It was so uncomfortable. I asked after asking that this was a symptom of sweating after giving birth.What causes it?Is there any way to relieve or solve it?Today, the housekeeper will take expectant mothers to learn about this in advance.

The reason why the new mother sweats sweaty

health issues

If the new mother has physical deficiency or yin deficiency, it is very easy to cause sweat after giving birth.Such new moms are prone to sweating at night, and symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, fever, dry mouth, and cold after sweating.


After pregnancy, the blood capacity of the prospective mothers increased, causing a large amount of water to accumulate in the body.And these excess water need to be discharged, and it will be excreted through the kidneys and the skin.The increase in urine and the increase of sweat can make the sweat glands active, so the new mother sweat naturally naturally increases.

How to solve the problem of sweating for the new mother?

1. Add more water

When sweat increases, water will be taken away.You need to replenish water in time to avoid dehydration and electrolyte disorders in the body.Do not reduce the intake of soup because of sweating, otherwise it will affect breastfeeding and even affect the health of the breast.

2. Appropriate exercise

The movement of the muscles of the limbs will help you enhance the spleen and stomach function and improve the cycle.Although the new mother of Qi deficiency increased after exercise, she should not give up exercise because of this. As long as you pay attention to sweating, dry the sweat in time and put on dry clothes to avoid directly blowing the air to prevent the invasion of the external evil.

3. Adjust the schedule

The mother who brings the baby by her own to adjust the schedule.Try to keep the combination of labor and rest+livelihoods+feel happy, synchronize with your baby, don’t make yourself too tired.The regular life can gradually recover the plant nerve function and reduce the sweating abnormally.At the same time, pay attention to maintaining a happy mood, which helps improve.

Kind tips:

Odomic sweating is a symptom of external manifestations. Most of the new mothers sweat are caused by postpartum damage, but it is not ruled out that other internal diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, rheumatism, and various chronic chronic chronic chronic chronic diseasesVariable diseases, etc.If the situation of sweating is still not improved after proper conditioning, you need to seek medical treatment to avoid delaying the opportunity.

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