How much weight is the standard after pregnancy?Want to be a pregnant mother who is "thin skin", pay attention to these three points

Studies have shown that the pregnant mother of BMI18.5 ~ 24.9kg/m2 before pregnancy, the weight growth during pregnancy is controlled at 11.5 ~ 16kg.

Many people envy the figure of female stars, especially women who are pregnant. They always feel that those pregnant female stars, just like they have never given birth to a child, and have little change before pregnancy.

On the other hand, we ordinary people are common. It is common for us to gain tens of pounds after pregnancy, let alone want to maintain their figure.

After a woman is pregnant, she can really only become a bloated figure. Is the past beauty away from us?

In fact, after pregnancy, there are also many pregnant mothers who can maintain the perfect figure. In this case, they are not related to their physique, but they know how to use some tips to maintain their figure.

How much is the figure of expectant mothers after pregnancy?

For women, not only should they bear pain, but they also have to face their appearance and become ugly, and their shapes. Many pregnant mothers always shout to control their weight during pregnancy.

But during pregnancy, weighing a day is growing every day. What speed and interval do you need to control can your weight reach standard weight?

Related data shows that after four months of pregnancy in the second trimester, the weekly weight growth of pregnant mothers is controlled within 450 grams, so you can refer to the rules of half a catty and eight two. The weekly weight increase is between 250 grams and 400 grams.

The weight growth of pregnant mothers is related to the BMI of the pregnant mother before pregnancy. Generally, the prospective mother who is relatively thin before pregnancy can increase some weight appropriately after pregnancy.

Before pregnancy, pregnant mothers who have a plump body can be appropriately reduced after pregnancy, so that the overall weight can reach a sense of balance.

Before pregnancy, the general BMI of pregnant mothers was 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m2. After pregnancy, the best weight range was 11.5 to 16 kg.If you want to gain weight, it is recommended to control the pregnant mother within 2 kg.

During pregnancy, the most important point is to control your body and weight. The most important point is diet. Pregnant mothers generally have loss of appetite in early pregnancy.

However, after the second trimester, the diet has gradually become more. Generally, in order to supplement more nutrition for children, pregnant mothers will accidentally overcare nutrition in this process.

In the end, because of this misunderstanding, his weight soared, the child was too large, and the weight finally exceeded the standard.

Early pregnancy: It is also recommended to balance the diet in diet, because during this period, the pregnant mother’s meal is not very large, and the fetus in the stomach is in the stage of tissue differentiation and organ formation.

Therefore, there are not many nutritional nutrition, and you can supplement nutrition appropriately. For example, eat more fruits, vegetables and fish. There is no need to consume too much nutrition for children.

After the second trimester: The amount of meals of the pregnant mother will start to grow a little bit, so during this period, the pregnant mother should pay attention to their own diet, to go to reasonable matching and intake, you can eat some eggs or whole milk.

Insurance according to the standard of dietary nutrition, it will effectively maintain the figure, and at the same time, it can supplement the fetus nutrition.

After the third trimester: the foods that pregnant mothers eat will become more and more, then it is recommended to eat some foods that do not have long tires.

For example, eat more grain grains, eat less fat with high fat, and appropriately intake nutrition. Do not have high sugar amount for fruit. You can control it within 300 grams per day.

Pay attention to the reasonable combination of diet is one aspect of maintaining a figure. It is also necessary to want to become more ideal, and proper exercise is also needed.

Many pregnant mothers become too lazy every day after they are pregnant, because they are too lazy, they do not want to exercise in bed, or the amount of exercise starts to decrease.

If you can insist on exercise during pregnancy, you will consume a lot of fat in your body, not too much meat.

After dinner, it is recommended to take at least half an hour for pregnant mothers to do some pregnant women’s yoga, and the fat on the body will not be more and more.

Proper exercise can not only help pregnant mothers to maintain their figure, but also promote lymphatic intestinal peristalsis and constipation. Therefore, proper exercise is a beautiful choice for mothers.

Many pregnant mothers have a good figure before pregnancy. No matter how much they eat, they will not gain weight.

However, many pregnant mothers eat not many foods. Children often absorb well, and they can also make thin skin fillings.

Some pregnant mothers can easily cause obesity regardless of whether they eat too much or less, which may be related to their own physique.

According to the statistics of W H O survey, the weight increase during pregnancy during pregnancy is 11.5 to 16 kg, and the weight of Ha’er’s weight reaches 3.1 to 3.6 kg. Yes, the chance of maternal and infant complications will decrease.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers have a degree of control when they control their weight during pregnancy.

You ca n’t ignore your child’s nutritional problems for your own body, nor can you blindly consume a lot of nutrition for your child’s nutritional problems, causing a physical phenomenon.

How much weighs and what state should be maintained?

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How much do you get weight during pregnancy?

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