How often do women feel after a successful pregnancy?If there are three major symptoms, it indicates that you have succeeded in getting pregnant

The most anticipated for pregnant couples is the news of hearing pregnancy, but often some young couples have been pregnant for a month or two, only to find that they are happy.It feels like it is not very obvious, and it is ignored.Today, let’s take a look at the symptoms of women after conception.

The symbol of the successful pregnancy of women is the success of the fertilized eggs.The successful implantation of fertilized eggs takes about 15-20 days.Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, don’t think that you can use the pregnancy inspection stick or early pregnancy test strip after a week after the same room.You still need to wait about 15 days after ovulation.In addition to testing the medicine and medical devices, women can also perceive whether they are pregnant through subtle changes in the body.When these three signals appear in your body, it means that you have it and your pregnancy is successful.

1. Pregnancy

Many female friends will have a pregnancy reaction when they are pregnant, because the hormones in women will change after pregnancy, stimulating that the woman’s stomach will cause pregnancy.This reaction will usually last three months after 15 days after pregnancy.

2. Mentalities

Women’s menopause is the most direct pregnancy signal, so for women, if it is not time to come to menstruation, and also in the same room during ovulation day, then it may be a signal of pregnancy. At this timeIf there is no result, you may wish to wait about a week. If the menstruation has not come yet, it will be pregnant.

Third, changes in appetite

Generally, only in the middle and late pregnancy period of pregnancy is still serious. There are not much obvious symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, so general female friends will have a very large appetite in the early stages of conception, and it will not eat a few meals a day.Will be full. If you are pregnant with a boy, there will be a very magical feature, that is, you will not eat fat. In the late pregnancy, you may start to bulge slowly, but there will be too much fat for other parts of the body.Hard hoarding.

Pregnancy is a matter that requires caution, and sometimes a little loss can cause great harm.So after 8 days of room, you must pay more attention to your body’s reaction and prevent prevention.

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