How old is your baby soy sauce?Babei

We all know that before the baby is one year old, especially in the early stages of adding supplementary food, we must try to ensure that the food taste of the baby’s entrance is relatively light, without any additional additions.But with the increase of the baby’s monthly age, we will find that a phenomenon is that the baby becomes a supplementary food. No matter if you feed your baby, you do n’t eat it with your baby tightly.Often at this time, many mothers always want to not add some seasonings to the complementary food?After all, it is really no taste to taste the baby’s supplementary food.So do you want to add some condiments to your baby’s supplementary food to help your baby start a wonderful taste journey?

In fact, as a mother, condiments have always been a difficult problem in the heart. If you add prematurely, you are afraid of affecting your baby’s physical development and fear of affecting the baby’s taste development.The addition is too late, the baby does not like to eat and pick eaters. It is not good for the baby’s body development.

Very tangled.

In fact, you do n’t have to tangle. Add the seasoning to your baby’s supplementary food. You do n’t need to add any additional additions before the baby 1 year old. Let the baby first expose the original food.After the baby is 1 year old, you can add some supplementary food seasoning to enrich your baby’s taste buds.

I was the seasoning that my baby slowly added to him after the age of 1 -I chose Beibei Natural Saipan, which is a soy sauce designed for the baby.

Beibei naturally sews sauces. They have 2 flavors in their family. Mixed seafood flavors, fruits and vegetables seasoning, and I simply buy them back. I change it to the baby every day. He loves it.A snack.

Beibei natural sauce is a substitute for soy sauce in a strict sense. Add natural concentrated juice. It is good and healthy.

And the sodium content is much lower than others. The sodium content per 10ml of sodium is only 0.28g. He is healthy and has no burden. At the same time, it can enrich the taste of the baby and reduce the sodium content.At one point, I really feel very relieved.

In addition, the content of Nitrogen -based amino acid nitrogen with natural sauce is ≥1.6g/100ml. The higher the value, the more umami substances in soy sauce.The amino acid nitrogen content required soy sauce is ≥0.4g/100ml, and the special -grade soy sauce should be ≥0.80g/100ml, and the value of amino acid nitrogen with natural sauce of Beibei has exceeded 0.8 of the national standard, so for this, for thisI am still at ease.

At the same time, it also achieves real 0, 0 monosodium glutamate, 0 artificial pigment, 0 preservatives, 0 edible alcohol, 0 fresh agents, 0 sweeteners, 0 heavy metal residues, and no additional additional addition, so that the baby’s body has no burden.

It is really easy to feed the baby now. The baby eats a little bit more. It is really good.

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