How pain is the pubic pain?Pregnant mothers are so painful that they are "scattered", and the delivery period is tortured every day

How pain is the pubic pain?

This question believes that the mother who has given birth to a baby understands.

It was a kind of pain that Baoma did not dare to remember again.

There is a mother who described it: This pain seemed to remove the bones of her whole body again, and then crushed it fiercely.

And pubic pain is not only available during delivery, it can be said that it appears when the due date is approaching.In other words, during that time, Bao Ma had to endure this torture almost every day.

Why do you have pubic pain?

That’s because the uterus of the third trimester becomes larger, and the pubic bone and hip joints are compressed to the pregnant woman’s pubic bone and hip joint.The gravity of the earth will continue to fall into the bulky uterus, and what the pubic and hip joints play the role of supporting the entire uterus.

However, this is not a stone without pain. The heavier the baby’s weight, the greater the pressure of the pubic and hip joints, and it will be more painful.

And at the time of childbirth, in order to make your baby born more smoothly.

Pregnant women will release a large amount of hormones, forcing the pubic bone to open to form a channel.

At this time, the pubic pain reached the top.

Many people have experienced the pain of bone shifting, and this kind of pubic pain is no less than that pain, and even less than it.How many Baoma was waiting for production, collapsed and painful because of pubic pain.

And we can’t prevent this pain, so we can only use some methods to relieve it.

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It is also mentioned above that because the weight of the fetus caused the pubic bone, it would cause pain.

The belly belt actually divides the weight of the uterus on it, which slows down the pressure of the pubic bone to a certain extent and reduces the pain.

However, when using the belt, remember not to tie it too close, otherwise it will affect the blood circulation of the uterus and endanger the baby’s health.

It is also necessary to pay attention to it. Do not mix the belly with the belt and waist as a talked about.

Most of the abdomen belt is elastic, and it is placed under the abdomen, and there is another belt above.The tightness of the waist is not as good as the belly strap, which can easily compress the uterus, cause the blood to not circulate, and make the fetus hypoxia.

Therefore, do not use waist with a waist, and you must buy a regular belly belt.

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Sleep a little bedboard

The slightly harder bed board can support the waist, dragging the waist and belly of the pregnant woman with a strong drag, which relieves her pressure and can effectively relieve back pain.

If the mattress is too soft, the waist and abdomen of the pregnant woman is always in a state of sinking, which can easily cause waist and abdomen fatigue and aggravate the pubic pain.

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Exercise appropriately

Physical exercise can improve the pain of pregnant women.Pregnant women can choose their own suitable exercise, properly perform exercise, can enhance weight and enhance their body’s bearing ability.

However, pregnant women need to be accompanied by a special person during exercise.In some exercise with strong professionalism, such as pregnant women yoga, they need to be taught by a special person.

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Rest more

Especially for pregnant women who are about to get to the due date, in addition to taking time in time, they need to rest and keep their physical strength.In addition, there is no other thing in the standing and sitting posture, which is dragged on the abdomen, which is the heaviest posture of the body.

Especially when standing, it is heavier for pubic compression, and natural pubic pain will be more serious.

In addition to the above four physical relief methods, the comfort and companionship of the husband can also bring psychological comfort to Baoma, and appropriately reduce the uncomfortable feelings because of pain.

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