How should a woman’s life be resolved after the woman is pregnant?You can do this

After the wife’s pregnancy, the first major problem faced by the husband and wife is the problem of physiological needs.After all, the sexual life between husband and wife is an important hub to maintain the relationship between husband and wife.So in October, it is also a difficult time for her husband.A few days ago, a pregnant mother who was four months pregnant asked me for help, saying that her husband always wanted to touch himself recently.But after all, I feel that I am pregnant for more than four months, I am afraid of hurting the baby in my stomach.Just ask me if I am pregnant if I am pregnant?The answer is of course, how should husband and wife enjoy sexual life after pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to the time of pregnancy in pregnancy

Generally speaking, the fetus in the stomach is relatively stable until three months, so it must be prohibited from the same room three months ago.EssenceThen three months later, about 4, 5, and 6 months of pregnancy can be appropriately have some sexual life. At this time, sexual life can not only promote the relationship between husband and wife, but also the baby in the stomach.Can feel the love of parents.The continuous contraction of the mother’s uterus will make the baby feel very secure, so proper sexual life can make the baby baby smarter.

2. Pay attention to the physical condition of pregnant mothers

Even if you can do the same room during pregnancy, Bao dads should pay attention to their strength, and slight collisions are still acceptable to the baby.If the amplitude or strength is too strong, the fetus will also be harmed.At the same time, we should also pay attention to Bao Ma’s physical condition.Once there is a stomach discomfort or other places, it is necessary to stop immediately. The most important thing is the first place in the health of the pregnant mother and the safety of the fetus.

3. Pay attention to the personal hygiene of both husband and wife

Before the same room, Bao Dad can help take a warm bath with his mother. This will not only make the pregnant mother’s blood circulation, but also very relaxed, but also ensure personal hygiene.It is recommended to use a condom during the same room, which can reduce the harm to the baby.Of course, it is best to wash mothers after the same room, so that there can be a double guarantee.

Once again, the sexual life between husband and wife is best in the middle of pregnancy, which is about 4, 5, and 6 months.By the third trimester.It is best not to do the same room, after all, the mother’s month is already big.The baby’s baby is born at any time, and I still hope that Bao Dad can take good care of and consider pregnant mothers.

Netizens Wen Run’s fish said: Bettering sex!Before I was pregnant 4 and a half months, the pregnancy reaction was particularly strong.There are no thoughts at all every day, and there are no ideas at all. In serious cases, I get a bit of dripping in the hospital. Why is my pregnancy different from others?

Netizen Yalier said: In the early stages of pregnancy, I did not hold it once. After I was in the same room with my husband, my stomach hurt. At that time, my husband was scared. He went to the hospital for examination.Education was educated.Later, my husband did not dare to touch me throughout the pregnancy, saying that he was afraid of hurting the baby.


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